NETGEAR Qos Not Working: 6 Sure Steps To Fix The Issue

The Quality of Service (QoS) is a feature that comes with the Netgear router. The QoS feature on the Netgear router enables it to prioritize traffic based on devices. It reduces internet speed for devices that don’t require much internet speed and increases on devices that require more internet speed. For instance, if you connect … Read more

Is Tracfone Compatible With AT&T?

Tracfone is a prepaid wireless mobile phone service provider. The Company is a MUVO (mobile virtual network operator) that makes use of other carriers’ networks. Tracfone has no network, instead, it resells access on other networks. Tracfone runs on non-contract prepaid plans that are affordable and flexible. With these plans, you can enjoy 4G LTE … Read more

How To Change Channel Without Fios Remote?

How Does Fios Work? FiOS is a fiber optic internet service that sends and receives data at a faster rate than normal cables. Verizon FiOS offers bundled Internet access, telephone service, and television services. The users of FiOS experience an ultra-fast service because the cable has the power to move in a massive capacity. All … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Get Local Channels On Roku

Roku is a digital media player that allows you to stream media content from different online platforms. Roku also has packages that differ from each other in terms of channel contents and prices. Each Roku package has several channels allocated to it. The more channels, the higher the package. Local channels are also available on … Read more

HBO MAX Can’t Verify Subscription

HBO Max is an all-in-one streaming platform that gives subscribers access to unlimited movies, series, shows, etc. With just $15, you get access to your favorite series, shows, and unlimited entertainment. Little wonder over 70 million people are actively subscribed to the platform. Despite how seamless the HBO Max platform is, some subscribers have complained … Read more

Dish Tailgater Not Working

Dish tailgater is a portable satellite dish that offers both indoor and outdoor services. With Dish tailgater, any user can either pull an outside event, tailgate, or also camp. It is seen as portable because it can be moved to any location where it can still entertain its users. With the portability feature of this … Read more

AT&T Text Messages Not Sending

The AT&T network is known for its stable network signal and wide coverage. One of the specs you enjoy as an AT&T user is to send and receive text messages seamlessly. Most times, a text message comes in as a good alternative to calls. Maybe you are on the go (not driving) and prefer to … Read more