What Are The 25 Channels On Spectrum TV Stream?

Spectrum is one of the top Cable Network service providers in the United States. It has a variety of packages and plans that can suit any household. Their plans range from Pay TVs to streaming TVs.

If you just subscribed or intend to subscribe to the Spectrum TV Stream and you want to know the 25 channels on the Spectrum TV stream plan, this post is for you.

What Is Spectrum TV Stream?

Streaming has been the order of the day since technologies blew up to another level. To keep up with the trend, Spectrum added a new package that covers the streaming service for its customers. Spectrum TV stream is only accessible to a spectrum subscriber, meaning that a non-subscriber will not be able to access the TV streaming.

Spectrum TV stream is a streaming multi-channel Internet television service that provides both major networks and cable stations. This skinny bundle was made available for customers that have Spectrum Internet but don’t want to subscribe to Spectrum Pay TV.

This package works on Rokus and other wide range of devices that are available to you.

How Much Does Spectrum TV Stream Cost?

The cost of a spectrum TV stream package is $24.99/month. It was made affordable for some customers that can’t afford other pricier Spectrum plans.

This low price has proved to be the best part of this package coupled with the fact that the price doesn’t stop Spectrum from adding premium channels to Spectrum TV Stream.

What Channels Are On Spectrum TV Stream?

Spectrum TV stream has a total of 25 channels. The channels include five channels from big networks and 20 channels from other cable stations. With this stream TV package, Spectrum gets to select the channels for subscribers. If you want to make your channel selections, you need to opt for a higher spectrum package.

The list of these channels includes Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FXM, A&E USA, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, FX, CNN, Freeform, TBS, AMC, Oxygen, FXX, HGTV, Food Network, TNT, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, E!, Discovery and Hallmark Channel.

The channels available on Spectrum TV stream are grouped under News channels, cooking channels, travel channel, weather channels, and others that still circle back to entertainment.

This spectrum TV stream package doesn’t support sports channels. This plan is perfect for you if don’t have a thing for football and other sports.

How To Stream Spectrum TV Stream Package

You need the Spectrum TV app to access the Spectrum TV Stream service. Simply download the Spectrum TV app on your device. Create an account to get your Spectrum username and password.

Open the Streaming app on your device. Connect your device to the Spectrum internet network. Sign in with your username and password and then explore the channels.

These compatible devices include Android-based smartphones, Android-based Tablets, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Kindle Fire, Laptops, and computers.

Connect any of these compatible devices on your home’s wireless network and download your app before proceeding to other directions.

What Are Other Spectrum TV Streaming Packages

Spectrum has other streaming deals available for its customers. These streaming packages come with distinct features and packages, and they allow their users to stream at their convenience without the need for a cable box.

You can access Spectrum streaming on your laptop, and smartphone. These packages aside Spectrum TV stream includes:

Spectrum TV Choice: The word “choice” has to do with the numerous channel options that are available for subscribers of the package to choose from. Spectrum TV Choice paves way for its users to fill up 10 slots of their best channels out of a total of 65, unlike that of Spectrum TV stream which has no option for that.

This selection is made from premium and major broadcast networks. Even with these customization benefits, the price remains $25/month. Sports channels are available in this package.

Spectrum TV Essentials: This is another streaming TV that Spectrum has in stock. Subscribers get access to 62 channels of premium entertainment, that include both News, Kid’s TV, and TV dramas. But the 62 channels do not include local channels. The cost of this plan is $15/month.

How Do I Sign Up For Spectrum TV Stream

To sign up, contact Spectrum customer support on either the support page on their website or call their support number. Follow up on the sign-up instructions and the package will be ready for use in no time.

Note that Spectrum TV stream is only available to customers that have access to Spectrum Internet. You can’t access the service without subscribing to their Internet plan. After creating your details, the streaming service will be activated within 24 to 62 hours.

What Does Spectrum Streaming Include?

With your Spectrum Streaming TV, you get affordable offers that count. That includes entertainment Content from popular networks. The features of the Spectrum Streaming packages include :

  • On-demand premium shows and movies available on your customized channels
  • Cloud DVR
  • Irresistible bundling option that comes with sufficient spectrum internet
  • Spanish Networks and Premium network add-ons


The spectrum TV stream gives you access to enjoy premium entertainment for yourself and your family on a budget. It offers major broadcast networks. Also, it gives you access to choose 10 channels from popular channels that give quality entertainment.

Finally, it is convenient to use because you get to view your best TV series at any time and place. This Spectrum Streaming service makes you the absolute boss.