6 Tips To Fix The Alexa Won’t Turn On Issue

Alexa is Amazon’s AI assistant that powers smart homes using voice commands. It works as a smart robot and powers your security system, smart TV, light, and other smart gadgets in a home. You set up the device, give a voice command and the device uses speech recognition to perform the task.

If you’ve tried to turn on your Alexa and it won’t turn, you don’t have to panic. The issue is likely a minor issue that needs some troubleshooting to fix. Something as basic as a faulty setting can cause your Alexa device not to turn on.

Before you call a technician, you have to try troubleshooting the device at home. This article outlines some of the possible reasons why your Alexa device won’t turn on. Every issue mentioned is followed by possible tips to troubleshoot or fix the issue. ‘

 Why Does Amazon Echo Won’t Turn On?

Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth hardware device. It is a smart speaker that is integrated with Alexa and allows users to use voice control to perform commands. If you are having issues with your Echo device not turning on, there are several reasons why your Alexa device won’t turn on. Some of the common issues are:

  • Faulty power outlet
  • Factory reset issue
  • Device was not plugged in properly
  • Internet Connection issue
  • Faulty Circuit and Motherboard

Tips To Fix Alexa Won’t Turn On

Tip 1. Check The Power Source Issue

When the power source your Echo device is plugged in is faulty, your device won’t turn on. So the first thing to check is the power source. Unplug your device from the source and try plugging in another device into the power outlet. If it works, then the issue isn’t from the outlet. If it doesn’t work, then it is a power source issue.

Another option is to plug your device in another power source nearby. If it works, it means that the previous power outlet is faulty. Turn on the device and allow it power. If your device won’t turn on after switching to another power outlet, try any of the tips below to troubleshoot.

Tip 2. Check The Power Adapter

Check the device wire or power adapter for defects. A cut or defect on the wire or power adapter will cause your device not to power. The solution is to change the wire or adapter. Click here to order a new adapter on Amazon.

Tip 3. Restart Your Echo Device

After you’ve confirmed the issue isn’t from the power source, the next step is to troubleshoot the device. The first troubleshooting tip to try is to restart your Echo device. Simply unplugging and restarting your device will likely fix the issue. Follow the steps below to restart your Echo device the proper way.

  • Turn off the Echo device
  • Disconnect and unplug the cables from the power source.
  • Wait for at least three minutes.
  • Plug back the cables to the power source.
  • Turn on your Echo device again.

This should solve the issue. If not, try the other troubleshooting tips below to resolve the issue.

Tip 4. Perform A Factory Reset On Your Device

One common reason why your Alexa device won’t turn on could be that it needs a factory reset. Note that performing a factory reset on your Amazon Echo device will clear all previous settings on the device. After the factory reset, you have to complete the setup process afresh. Follow the steps below to complete the factory reset process.

a. Find the ‘Action button’ on your device. The Action button is the button on the right side with a circle symbol. Press and hold the ‘Action’ button for 30 seconds to start the reset process.

b. Allow the light to turn on and change from blue to orange. The orange light shows that the device is ready for setup. Complete the setup process.

Tip 5. Reach Out To Amazon Customer Support

If the warranty period for your device has not expired, you can reach out to Amazon’s customer support for a replacement. Follow the process below on the right way to reach out to Amazon’s customer support.

  • Launch the Alexa app on your Smartphone.
  • Open the Help & Feedback option
  • Click on Call Customer Service and select your device type.
  • Select Category
  • Proceed to mention the issue
  • Click on the Call Me option. An Amazon customer support person will reach out in no time.

Tip 6. Replace The Motherboard and Circuit Board

So far, the tips mentioned above are basic troubleshooting tips that don’t require opening the device. If all the tips above don’t work and the warranty period for your device has expired, it’s time to switch to advanced troubleshooting. This involves the internal components. The main issue is likely a faulty circuit board or motherboard.

Water getting into your device can damage either the circuit board or the motherboard. One way to know the problem is from the motherboard is that the light, speaker and other functionality will work. The option available is to purchase a new motherboard or circuit board and take it to a technician to fix. Ensure the technician has experience working on similar devices.

My Alexa Show Won’t Turn On?

Alexa Show is an Amazon device similar to the Echo device. If your Alexa Show device won’t turn on, it’s most likely the same issue with the Echo device. Apply the steps in this post to fix the issue.