4 Ways To Fix AT&T Smart Home Manager Not Working

All the smart home devices in your home are connected to a home Wi-Fi network which is linked to the AT&T Smart Home Manager. The AT&T Smart Home Manager is an app that helps you manage your network from your smart device. It helps you personalize and simplify your home Wi-Fi network from your Smartphone.

With the AT&T Home manager app, you can set up parental controls, create a name for each device connected to the network. Also, you can run speed tests on network performance, check home network Wi-Fi coverage, and many more.

If you’re dealing with your AT&T Smart Home Manager not working, this post is for you. You will understand why your Smart Home Manager won’t work and tips to fix the issue in no time.

Common AT&T Smart Home Manager Issues

Some of the common issues you may experience with your Smart Home Manager include the following:

Smart Home Manager does not load

Smart Home Manager loads very slowly

Smart Home Manager does not start

Smart Home Manager always crashes

Smart Home Manager cannot be opened

Smart Home Manager is causing errors

Smart Home Manager no internet connection

Smart Home Manager hangs

Smart Home Manager login does not work

Smart Home Manager Reduce battery consumption

Smart Home Manager is not responding

Why Is My AT&T Smart Home Manager Not Working?

There are several reasons why your Smart Home Manager isn’t working. Most times, the issue may stem from the devices connected to the Home Wi-Fi network.

It could also be an issue with the app itself. For instance, if there is a need to update the app to a new version and you fail to do so, it can affect the performance of the app. Whatever the issue is, follow the tips below to get the app working in no time.

Tips To Fix My AT&T Smart Home Manager Not Working Issue

a. Power Cycle The Device

As mentioned earlier, the issue may stem from the smart home devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network or from the Wi-Fi gateway itself. Power cycling the device will fix the issue.

Power cycling means draining the power from a device. A power cycle initializes the device settings and fixes minor functionality issues. Follow the steps below to power cycle your smart device.

. Unplug the power cord from the modem or gateway

. Remove the internal battery backup in the device.

. Wait for 30 seconds.

. Replace the internal battery.

. Plug back the device to the power cord and reconnect the phone cord.

. Wait for the modem or gateway to restart. This could take up to 10 minutes.

Reset The Gateway or Modem Online

. Sign in to the Smart Home Manager app on your Smartphone.

. Click on ‘Network’. Scroll down the options and click on ‘Home Network Hardware’.

. Click on ‘Wi-Fi Gateway and select ‘Restart’.

. Select the ‘Restart’ option again to complete the process.

b. Restart The Smart Home App Device

It could be that there is an error on the device cache or RAM which in turn affects the functionality of the Smart Home app. Restarting the device can fix the issue. Disconnect your Smartphone from the network and turn off the phone. Wait for 30 seconds and restart the phone. Try opening the app again.

c. Reinstall The Smart Home Manager App

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting tips mentioned so far and the Smart Home Manager app still won’t work, it means the problem is from the app itself. The way to fix the issue is to reinstall the app again.

First, uninstall the app from your phone or laptop. Restart the Smartphone or laptop. Download and install the latest version of the Smart Home Manager app from the app store. Sign in and try using the app again.

d. Uninstall VPN On Your Device

Most people use VPNs on their smartphones or laptop to access websites with location limitations. It could be that your VPN is active on the phone or laptop with the Smart Home Manager app. For the AT&T Smart Home Manager app to work, all the devices have to be connected to the same network.

Using a VPN application interferes with the connection and will affect the functionality of the app. Simply uninstall the VPN app for your laptop or Smartphone, connect to the AT&T network, and open the manager app.