AT&T Text Messages Not Sending

The AT&T network is known for its stable network signal and wide coverage. One of the specs you enjoy as an AT&T user is to send and receive text messages seamlessly. Most times, a text message comes in as a good alternative to calls. Maybe you are on the go (not driving) and prefer to text instead of call.

If you are having issues with sending text messages on your AT&T network, this post is for you. In this post, you will understand why your AT&T network isn’t sending your text messages. In addition, you will find simple tips to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Why Are My Texts Not Sending On AT&T?

There are several reasons why your texts are not being sent on your AT&T network. Some of the possible reasons include the following:

a. Minor Glitches

It could be caused by minor bugs and glitches on your phone. These bugs can interfere with your phone’s functionality. Thankfully, restarting or rebooting your phone can fix this issue.

b. Poor or No Network Coverage

Although the AT&T network has a wide network coverage, there are areas with little or no network coverage. If you are in such a location, you will find it difficult to send, receive messages and make calls.

Another issue could be that there’s an EMF device close by that is jamming your network signals.

c. No Active Plan/ Subscription

If you need to have a subscription or plan for your AT&T line to remain active. If you are not an active subscriber or you are way behind your due date, you will have issues with your network. You can’t make or receive calls, send text messages, or even use mobile data if your line isn’t active.

d. Error In Settings

Your phone message settings must be correct for you to send and receive texts. Most smartphones automatically handle the message settings. But some cell phones require you to input the settings manually.

e. Incorrect SIM Card Placement

Finally, it could be that your SIM card isn’t placed correctly in the SIM card tray or that the SIM tray shifted. Whichever one it is; you can’t send a text message if your cellular SIM card isn’t properly placed.

Ways To Fix Texts Not Sending On AT&T?

a. Check For Network Signal

The first step to fixing the issue is to check for network signals. This can be checked from the signal bar on your phone. The signal bar should show at least two bars to indicate there is an average network in your location.

If there is no signal bar, it means there’s no network coverage in the area. Your best option is to move to another location with better coverage.

b. Reboot Your Phone

If your phone has enough signal bars and you still can’t send messages, the next option is to restart your phone. This process helps to fix minor bugs and glitches and get your phone working normally.

First, toggle on and off the airplane mode icon on your phone. Check to see if you can send texts. If not, outrightly turn off your phone. Wait for 30 minutes, and restart the phone. Try sending texts again.

c. Check Your Phone Message Settings

In most phones, restarting your phone automatically handles the message settings. But it doesn’t hurt to check the message for errors. Go to your phone settings and check the message settings under networking network settings. If there is an error in the settings, change the settings to default settings. Restart your phone to complete the setup.

d. Check Your AT&T Subscription

Check your AT&T subscription and ensure it is active. If you have any unpaid bills, ensure you pay off the bills as soon as possible. If AT&T has disabled your service as a result of unpaid bills, contact their customer support after you pay off your pending bills to reactivate your service.

Most times, the service gets activated automatically once you clear your unpaid bulls.

e. Confirm SIM Card Placement

Open the SIM port on your phone to check your SIM card placement. If the SIM card is not properly inserted, your phone can’t access the mobile network. Follow this tutorial below on the right way to insert a SIM card on an iPhone and Android phone

One quick tip: When you remove your SIM card, clean the side with the chip surface with a clean cloth before inserting back into the SIM tray.

f. Contact AT&T Customer Support

If none of the tips have worked so far, the final option is to contact AT&T customer support. The tech support person should be able to work you through further steps you can take to solve the issue. Contact AT&T customer support via their support page here.


Texts not sending issues on your AT&T network can be caused by several factors like network outage, minor bugs, and similar issues. This post has outlined all the possible tips to help you fix the issue and get you sending texts in no time.