How To Play Palace Card Game: Palace Card Game Rules

Overview Palace is a fun and entertaining card game with fairly simple rules. The game is easy to play, requiring only a simple strategy and a little bit of luck to win. To play Palace card game, a 52 card deck and a minimum of 2 players is all that is required. The basic idea … Read more

How To Play Farkle: Farkle Dice Game Rules

Overview Farkle Dice game is an easy to play dice game for both children and adults alike. Objective The object of the game is to be the player to get the highest point which is 10,000 from rolling six dice. Once a player scores up to 10,000 points, other players get one more round.   Farkle … Read more

How To Play Mancala: Mancala Game Rules

If you need to know how to play the Mancala game and understand the Mancala game rules, you are on the right page.  Overview The Mancala Game is a board game usually played by two players. The game is played using the Mancala board. The Mancala is a board with 12 small holes. That includes … Read more