How To Play Jenga: Jenga Game Rules

Overview Jenga is fun to play game of skill and strategy. First, a tower is built using 54 wooden blocks. After this, players take turns to remove a piece each from the tower per turn and then stack the removed piece on the top of the tower without collapsing the entire structure. The last player … Read more

How To Play Operation: Operation Game Rules

Overview Operation is a dexterity game for youngsters from age 6 upwards. The game tests players’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Players take turns to draw a card and then carry out the operation stated on the card on a plastic patient called Cavity Sam. A player who operates successfully earns a fee. The … Read more

How To Play Hi-Ho Cherry-O: Hi-Ho Cherry-O Rules

Overview Hi-ho! Cherry-o is a fun counting game for young children from age 3 to 6. The challenge is to be the first player to put ten cherries into your bucket by picking cherries from your cherry tree. Read on for more on how the game is set up and played. Objective Be the first … Read more

How To Play Kemps: Kemps Rules

Overview Kemps is a fun card game played in pairs with members of the same team sitting opposite each other. Each player tries to create a four-of-a-kind (four cards of the same rank) hand. When a player successfully creates a hand of four-of-a-kind, they give an agreed signal to their partner who must yell “KEMPS”. … Read more