Blink Card Game Rules: How to Play Blink


The Blink game is a card game which can be played by kids and adults. The aim of the game is to be the first player to run out of cards. The first player to achieve this is termed the winner. Most times, it takes less than 2 minutes to complete each round of the game. Thus, it can be said to be a fast game.


The objective is to be the first player to run out of cards.

Blink Card Game Rules

  • Each player is dealt 30 cards
  • A player can look at the card in hand
  • A player can only play one card at a time
  • A player may have up to three cards in hand at a time.
  • Most times, the game is played for three rounds or five rounds before a winner can be determined.

Number of Players Needed

Requires two players to commence the game


  • A pile of card
  • A rulebook

Setting up the Game

The card deck is made up of 60 cards. To setup the game, one of the players has to shuffle the deck, and then deal the cards into equal draw piles for each player. That means that each player is to get 30 cards. The cards are to be dealt face down. After dealing, each deck is placed close to each player. Each of the players are expected to draw three cards from their deck to form a hand.

How to Play Blink Card Game

The game begins when each player simultaneously turns the card they placed in the center of the table. There are no turns in the game. Each player tries to play cards from their hands as fast as they can on the center pile. For a card to be played, the card must match at least one character trait of the card on the pile. It can be the shape, number or color. Each of the players get to refill the hands in their hands by drawing from the pile.

Winning the Game

The players continue with the game until one of the players run out of card. That includes both cards in hand and cards in the draw pile. The first player to achieve this becomes the winner of the game.

Three and Four Player Blink

We mentioned earlier that this game is best played by two players. But a variation can be introduced if there are more players available. For a three player game, the card deck can be shared into 20 cards for each player instead of 30 cards. While for the four player variation, two players get to play against each other. The winners advance to play in another round to determine the winner.