8 Ways To Fix Boost Mobile Data Not Working

Boost mobile is one of the top mobile virtual network operators in the United States. The company makes use of third-party telecom towers to provide telecom services to subscribers. Boost Mobile uses T-Mobile towers to offer its services.

Boost Mobile has different internet data plans and packages available to subscribers. With the Boost mobile data plan, you can browse the internet, download files online, send and receive multimedia messages and many more without Wi-Fi.

Despite how good and dependable their internet services are, subscribers do complain that their Boost Mobile data isn’t working even after connecting to the internet. If you’re experiencing such, this post is for you. You will understand why your Boost mobile data isn’t working. Also, you will learn some tips you can apply to fix the issue in no time.

Why Is My Boost Mobile Data Not Working?

There are several reasons why your Boost mobile data isn’t working even after connecting to the internet. Let’s break down some of the reasons below.

a. Phone In Airplane Mode

If your phone is in airplane mode, you can’t use the mobile data on the phone. It could be that you mistakenly toggled the Airplane more icon on your phone. Note that, you can connect to wireless internet and access the internet on Airplane mode.

b. Use VPN

Some sites place restrictions on visitors from certain locations. One way to get around that is to use a VPN to access the site. Using a VPN on Boost Mobile internet can slow down or outrightly disrupt your internet connection.

c. Error In Data Profile Setting

If there is an error in your data profile setting, it will affect your internet. One way to fix this is to check the data profile setting on the app and fill in the correct setting info. We will cover the process later in this post.

d. Minor Troubleshooting

This is another issue that can affect your mobile internet connection. Thankfully, basic tips like restarting your phone can fix this issue.

Ways To Fix Boost Mobile Data Not Working

a. Check Your Subscription

First, check the Boost Mobile network signal on your device to ensure the signal is strong. Also, check your Boost Mobile data subscription and make sure you are allowed to use mobile data on the SIM. Ensure the mobile data is active on your device.

b. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Also, check if your phone is in Airplane mode and turn off the option. To do that, tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on your phone. Scroll down and select ‘Network & Internet’. Toggle the ‘Airplane Mode’ option to turn it off.

c. Turn Off VPN

If you are using a VPN app on your phone, turn off the VPN app and try connecting to the internet again.

d. Restart Your Phone

If you’ve tried the options above and it didn’t work, then it’s time to try some troubleshooting options. First, turn off your data. Turn off your phone, wait for  30 seconds, restart the phone. Turn your data and try browsing.

e. Check The SIM Card Tray

It could be that the SIM isn’t inserted correctly. Turn off your phone again, open the SIM card tray. For most phones, you need a pin to open the Sim tray. Remove the Sim Card and use a clean cloth to clean the SIM card. Reinsert the SIM in your phone. Turn on the phone and try connecting to the internet.

f. Diagnose Your Device

You can diagnose your device via the Boost Mobile App to make sure your device is not flagged. Follow the steps below:

. Open the Boost Zone app on your phone. The app comes pre-installed on most smartphones purchased on Boost Mobile.

. Swipe to the left of the app and tap on ‘Device Diagnostics’.

. Select ‘Network’ and check the result. You will see either ‘Passed’ or Failed/Flagged’. If the option there is ‘Failed/Flagged’, you need to update your data profile.

g. Update Your Data Profile

You can update your data profile either manually or on the Boost Mobile app.

Update Data Profile Manually

. Open the phone app and dial ##72786# on Android smartphones and ##873283# on iPhone and tap the call button.

. Once you dial the code, your phone will restart.

. Wait for the Hands-Free Activation setting to complete and press the ‘OK’ button.

. The PRL update will start automatically. Press the OK button when the process is complete.

. Your phone will restart and update the firmware in the process. Finally, press the ‘OK’ button one last time to complete the process.

Update Data Profile Via Boost Zone

. Open the Boost Zone app on your phone. The app comes pre-installed on most smartphones purchased on Boost Mobile.

. Swipe to the left of the app and tap on ‘Device Diagnostics’.

. Select ‘Network’ and select ‘Update Profile‘.

h. Contact Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips in this post and it still won’t work, it’s time to contact Boost Mobile customer support. You can contact them via their website Here or dial 833-502-6678. Note that their business hours are Monday to Friday, 4 am to 8 pm PST, and Saturday and Sunday, 4 am to 7 pm PST.