Bose Solo 5 Remote Codes and Programming

The Bose Solo 5 is one of the top soundbar products from Bose Corporation. This soundbar amplifies your TV sound to deliver a better sound. It comes with a dialogue mode that makes each word and detail clear. You can easily connect any device to this soundbar with Bluetooth technology. Also, you can easily program a universal remote control to your Bose Solo 5 soundbar.

If you just purchase the Bose Solo 5 Soundbar and you need help setting it up, this post is for you. In this post, you will find details on how to set up and program your Solo 5 soundbar. To complete the programming process to remote control, you will need the Bose Solo 5 remote codes. The codes are included in this post, and tips on how to troubleshoot the remote if it stops working.

All-in-One Solo 5 SoundBar Remote Codes

The Bose Solo 5 soundbar is an older model of the soundbar and requires remote codes to program the universal remote to it.

  • 11144
  • 01982
  • 31229
  • 31933
  • 31935
  • 31517
  • 30189
  • 20753
  • 30129
  • 30293
  • 20394
  • 20395

How To Set Up Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

Follow the steps below to complete the programming process. Before that, copy down any of the Bose Solo 5 remote codes somewhere you can easily see the code.

a. Unbox the Soundbar and bring out all the components. Make sure all the parts are complete. The box should contain the soundbar, remote control, optical cable, and power supply.

b. Place the soundbar in the desired location.

c. Connect the ‘Optical Audio Cable’ to the ‘TV Audio Output Connector’ and connect the other end of the cable to the back of the soundbar.

d. Connect the ‘Power Supply Cable’ to the back of the soundbar and the other end to a power source.

e. Go to your ‘TV Settings’ and turn off the speakers or speak out.

f. Press the ‘Power button’ on the Soundbar remote to turn it on. Follow the tutorial on this Bose soundbar manual to complete the process.

How To Program a Bose Solo 5 Soundbar To Universal Remote

. Hold the remote control close your TV and soundbar and press the ‘TV/DVD’ button to

. Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button on your remote for a couple of seconds.

. Using the number button on your remote control, enter any of the codes listed earlier.

. Press the ‘CH+’ button and the ‘Enter’ button to save the codes.

. Press any of the function buttons on the remote to check if it works. If it works, it shows the process was successful. If not, repeat the process starting from step three.

How To Reset the Bose Solo 5 Remote

There are instances where it is essential to reset your Bose Solo 5 remote control. For instance, if you need to troubleshoot the remote and get it working again. Follow the steps below to reset your remote:

a. Press and hold the ‘Bluetooth’ button on your remote for 5 seconds until the LED light turns blue.

b. Open the Bose app on your mobile phone and remove the Bose Solo device from the list.

Bose Solo 5 Remote Not Working

If you’ve completed the programming process and your remote still won’t work, it means there’s an issue with the programming process or the remote. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your Solo 5 remote control.

a. Check The Batteries

Open the battery compartment on your remote and make sure the batteries are placed correctly. Also, check the batteries to make sure the batteries are not bad. For instance, if you see a wet patch on the batteries, it’s a sign that the batteries are bad.

b. Update Software

New software updates are released from time to time. You are required to update the Bose soundbar software. Most times, the product does an auto-update for software. But from time to time, you need to check for software updates and update manually.