How To Play Bullshit Card Game: Bullshit Card Game Rules


Bullshit is a game of courage, trickery, and deception. It is fun as a player can lie their way to victory. The game is about tactics as much as it is about being smart. To be a very good Bullshit player, you have to be tactical and deceptive. Players aim to be the first to get rid of all their cards in order to win the game but the catch is that all the cards are played face-down and players can lie about the card they played.

The game is also about courage as a player can challenge a played card by calling out “Bullshit” if they believe the other player played an illegal card. The punishment for losing a challenge however is that you have to pick up every card played up to that point. So as much as you can lie, don’t get caught and be careful when challenging other people’s play. This is because you can be tricked into making challenges. The Bullshit game also goes by other names such as BS, Bluff, Cheat and I doubt it.


The objective for players is to be the first to get rid of all their cards.


Bullshit Card Game Rules

The game is played in an orderly manner, starting with aces and followed by two’s, three’s, four’s, and five’s and so on.

A player is allowed to challenge any card played that they believe does not follow the order. This is done by shouting “Bullshit” after which the top cards just played are flipped and revealed to everyone.

The loser of a challenge gets to pick all the cards played so far and play is resumed on the next number by the player whose turn it is to play.

Number of Players Needed

The game can be played by 2-10 players but it’s better to stick to between 3-6 players to make the game less complicated and quicker.


A standard card deck having 52 cards is all that is required to play.

Setting Up

The standard version of the game is played without Jokers so these are removed from the 52 card deck, to begin with. Once Jokers are removed, the rest of the cards are shuffled and shared evenly among the players. All the remaining cards must be shared which means it is possible for some players to end up with a lesser number of cards than others. This has no impact on the game in the long run so it’s no big deal.

Once cards are shared, the game is set up and ready to begin. All that is left is to determine the player that goes first. This is dependent entirely on the players as the dealer, the player with the ace of spades, the player with the two of clubs, or the player with the most cards in the case of an uneven card distribution can all be allowed to play first. In the traditional rules of the game, the player with the ace of spades goes first.

How to Play Bullshit Card Game

The game is played by laying cards face-down in ascending order. Players have to announce the cards they played since the cards are faced-down. This to notify the others and also to let the next player know what they are to play.

The starting player begins by playing an ace of spade or as many aces as they have if they don’t have an ace of spade. The next player will have to play two’s, and the next three’s, in that order. For example, if the first player places an ace of spade face-down, the next player can play all the two’s that they have. If this player has no two’s at all, they can either skip their turn or bluff. If they skip, the next player has to continue the sequence by playing two’s but if they choose to bluff, they can play any card they have and announce they played two’s and the next player will continue with three’s. The player who lied about the cards they played may be challenged by another player by calling out “Bullshit”.

The punishment for losing a challenge for either the challenging the player or the challenged player is that the losing player gets to pack all the cards played so far and add to what they have.  If two or more players call “Bullshit” to challenge the same player and they lose, the discarded pile is shared evenly amongst them. So while challenging is fun, you have to be smart about it.

After a challenge initiated by calling “Bullshit” is settled, play is resumed on the next number by the next player whose turn it is to play. It becomes more difficult to lie successfully as the game progresses especially if the number of cards you have keeps reducing. A player can trick the others into challenging them by making faces and other moves that make it seem like they played the wrong cards.

Players can organize their cards in different ways to make the game flow quicker and also to trick the others. The Number Order involves stacking cards in arithmetic progression to make it easier to find cards. Another is the Jumbled arrangement in which cards are arranged in no preferred order. This makes it more difficult to find cards but it also makes it difficult for the other players to tell that a player is bluffing. The third style of card arrangement is the Suit in which cards are stacked in groups of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spade. This also makes it difficult for others to decode that a player is bluffing.

Winning the Game

The game is won once a player completely depletes their cards. This means the game is over if a player has successfully played all the cards in their hand. Expect to be challenged by the others once you play if there is only one card left in your hand. So your last card has to be legit. Once a winner emerges, play can continue to determine other positions or the game may be started afresh.

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