Sorry Fire and Ice Game Rules

About Sorry Fire and Ice Game If you enjoy playing the ‘Sorry’ game, you should try out the Sorry Fire and Ice edition of the game. The Sorry Fire and Ice game is a slight variation of the original sorry game. Most of the rules of the sorry game can be applied here in addition … Read more

How To Play Mouse Trap: Mouse Trap Rules

Overview Mousetrap is a competitive game that involves building a mousetrap as you move around the game board and then using the trap once completed to capture your opponent’s mice. The game is fun and can be played by persons aged 6 and above. The player with the last uncaptured mouse wins the game. Learn … Read more

How To Play Othello: Othello Game Rules

Overview Othello is a fun strategy board game that involves players placing their discs strategically to outflank and capture their opponent’s discs. Discs are captured when they are blocked at both ends of a row by opponent discs. A row can be diagonal, vertical, or horizontal and any number of discs can be captured at … Read more

How To Play Qwirkle: Qwirkle Rules

Overview Qwirkle is a tile-based colour and shape matching game designed for kids from age 6 upwards. The game is fun and easy to play and suitable for a family fun time. Players aim to score the most points by creating and extending tile chains strategically based on colour or shape. A chain can only … Read more

How To Play Trouble: Trouble Board Game Rules

Overview Trouble is a board game played similarly to the popular Ludo game but with slightly different rules. The game is easy to play as the rules are simple. A minimum of two and a maximum of four players can play the game. Trouble is played using a specialized board containing a pop-die roller called … Read more

How To Play Bananagrams: Bananagrams Rules

Overview Bananagrams is a fast-paced spelling game played with letter tiles just like Scrabble. The game can be played by up to 8 players which makes it suitable for a game night with your friends. Tiles are shared equally between the players. The number of tiles each player gets depends on the number of players … Read more

How To Play Jenga: Jenga Game Rules

Overview Jenga is fun to play game of skill and strategy. First, a tower is built using 54 wooden blocks. After this, players take turns to remove a piece each from the tower per turn and then stack the removed piece on the top of the tower without collapsing the entire structure. The last player … Read more

How To Play Operation: Operation Game Rules

Overview Operation is a dexterity game for youngsters from age 6 upwards. The game tests players’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Players take turns to draw a card and then carry out the operation stated on the card on a plastic patient called Cavity Sam. A player who operates successfully earns a fee. The … Read more