10000 Dice Game Rules

Does the name sound strange to you or you just want to know more about this game? The 10000 dice game is a little variation of games that could be played with the dice, unlike the games that require it like ludo, monopoly and so on. The dice is the main and only object involved … Read more

301 Dart Game Rules

The dart game has a very similar form to archery. However, unlike archery, the implements used are small pointed objects called darts. The game is a favorite among several bar rooms, although common to households and offices, due to its portability and fun achieved through the game. Though it functions as recreation, it is also … Read more

How To Play Bunco: Bunco Rules

Overview This post is about how to play Bunco, a popular dice game for a large social gathering. An alternate spelling for Bunco is Bunko so both names refer to the same game. The game is traditionally played by 12 players divided into three tables with each table having four players. However, if there are … Read more

How To Play Greed Dice Game: Greed Game Rules

Overview Greed is an easy to play dice game. Players roll dice to earn points. The target is to score 10,000 points or more. To play the game, all you need is six dice, a score sheet for tracking scores, and either a pen or pencil. The game is called Greed because players can get … Read more

How To Play Farkle: Farkle Dice Game Rules

Overview Farkle Dice game is an easy to play dice game for both children and adults alike. Objective The object of the game is to be the player to get the highest point which is 10,000 from rolling six dice. Once a player scores up to 10,000 points, other players get one more round.   Farkle … Read more