Why Is My Phone Roaming At Home? 6 Quick Tips To Fix

Normally, your phone shouldn’t enter roaming mode when you are within your network coverage area. But there are times when your phone automatically switches to roaming mode even when you are well within your network coverage area.  When this happens, it could mean two things. There are some configurations you need to switch on your … Read more

5 Tips To Fix Tracfone Invalid SIM Card

Tracfone is a no-contract Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the United States that was recently acquired by Verizon. Before its acquisition, the Company collaborated with four cellular Companies, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to offer its services. As a new Tracfone Subscriber, you are issued a SIM card when you subscribe to the Tracfone … Read more

Cricket Pay My Bill: Cricket Payment Methods

Cricket is a wireless service provider owned by AT$T. They are known to offer affordable internet plans to subscribers. One of their plans is unlimited data plans. The Company is also known to sell high-end smartphone phones at a discount. Also, you have the option of subscribing to their Bring Your Own Phone BYOP plan … Read more

7 Ways To Fix Tracfone Data Not Working

Tracfone offers a no-contract mobile data service and their data plans are quite affordable. Little wonder a good number of people continue to opt for their service. Also, Tracfone is one of the top Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the United States. This means that the Company uses other Companies’ towers to broadcast their network … Read more

How Can I Keep My Phone Number Without Service?

To acquire and keep a phone number with a network carrier, you have to subscribe to a phone plan. As long as you continue to pay the fees associated with the plan, the number is yours to keep. At least, this is what most people assume. What happens if you want to keep your number … Read more

Why Does My Verizon Phone Keep Switching To 3G?

The 4G LTE network is better and faster than the 3G network. The download speed of the 4G LTE network is at least 10 times faster than that of the 3G network. Little wonder most network carriers have long upgraded to the 4G LTE and 5G networks.   Verizon is one of the top network carriers … Read more

5 Ways To Fix Phone Rings Once Then Goes To Voicemail

Have you tried calling a cell phone number and the phone rings once and then goes to voicemail? When this happens, most people conclude that the person on the other line has blocked their number. Yes, the person on the other line blocking your number can cause the phone to ring just once and then … Read more

Suddenlink Pay My Bill: Payment Methods

Paying your bills shouldn’t be stressful at all. Earning money is hard enough on its own, and the stress of paying bills shouldn’t be added to it. Suddenlink is the subsidiary company of Altice. The Company offers several services such as Cable Television, Home security, high-speed internet, and telephone services. All of Suddenlink’s services are … Read more

Does MetroPCS Finance Phone? Yes

If you want to purchase a new phone and you don’t have the money to outrightly pay for it, there is an option to finance the phone. Financing a mobile phone allows you to pay a small down payment, collect the phone and make monthly payments to complete the payment. Most mobile phone carriers in … Read more