How To Play Clue Board Game: Clue Board Game Rules


The Clue game is more of a detective murder solving board game. If you have a love for a murder mystery and solving crime, then this game is for you. This post outlines all you need to know about the Clue Board game and some Clue board games new players need to know. 


The object of this game is to find the answer to these three questions. Who murdered Mr. Boddy, the room where the murder occurred and also the murder weapon used in committing the crime. The first player to get the answer to all three of the questions becomes the winner in the game round. 

Clue Board Game Rules

. You cannot allow other players to look into your detective notepad.

. You can move in all directions (forward, backward and vertically) but cannot move in a diagonal direction.

. Once you pass from a room, the player can’t move further irrespective of the player still have more moves on your die roll. 

. You can use the secret passage instead of rolling the die. But you have to announce the beginning of your turn. 

. Once you looking into the confidential or X box, you can’t move again until the end of the game. 

. Once the entrance of a room has been blocked, you can’t enter or exit or enter the said room. 

Number of Players Needed

This game can be played by three players and above. Most people prefer to have three to six players play the game. While others prefer to have eight players and above. If you wish to have less than six players, always remember to retain the appropriate names for the remaining tokens because they might somehow be involved in the said crime. 


You need the following equipment to play the Clue board game

. A flat surface to keep the Game board. Preferably a table

. A pack of cards. 1 card for the 9 rooms, 6 Suspects and the 6 weapons

. Casefile envelop

. One die

. The Clue game board

. Detective Notebooks

. 6 colored tokens to represent each of the suspects. The suspects include Miss Scarlet (red), Colonel Mustard (yellow), Mrs. White (white), Mr. Green (Green), Mrs. Peacock (blue), and Professor Plum (purple).

. Tiny weapons (Revolver, Rope, Knife, Lead pipe, Wrench and Candlestick). 

Setting Up

Place the Clue board on the flat surface. There is a place assigned for each suspect. Take the suspect token and place it on the start square closest to the suspect’s name. Drop the weapons into each room in the mansion. You drop the weapons randomly and ensure that you don’t drop more than one weapon in a room. Separate the deck of cards into similar piles. That should include Suspects, weapons and rooms. Pull out one card from each of the three piles you separated earlier. Place the cards into the ‘Case File Envelope’ usually marked ‘X’ or ‘Confidential’. Shuffle the remaining deck of cards and share amongst the players, following the clockwise manner. Ensure each card is dropped face down on the table. Each player must use their detective notebook to write down clues they have as the game progress. 

How To Play Clue Board Game (Suggestions)

The first player to play is Miss Scarlet. After her, other players take turns to play in a clockwise manner. Each player rolls the die and moves the token to correspond to the number on the die. You can move in any direction except in a diagonal direction and cannot cross the same tile more than once on a single turn. Also, you cannot enter a space that is occupied by another player in the game. When you enter a room, you make a suggestion on who you think committed the crime, where and with what weapon. To do this, you move a weapon, and a suspect token into a room. This is followed by making a suggestion on who you think committed the crime, where and with what weapon. The suggestion can go like this ‘ The crime was committed by Mrs. Peacock, in the lounge, and with Revolver’. 

Note that you can only suggest that the murder was committed in the present room you occupy. There is no limit to the number of weapons or suspects that can be in a room in the mansion. After you make a suggestion, a player will try to prove your suggestion to be wrong starting from the player to your left. To disapprove of your suggestion, the player has to check through his cards to see if he has a card that represents any of your suggestions. If there is, he shows you the card as proof. If the first player to your left can’t disprove your claim, the next player takes turns to do so. You cross the suggestion off your detective notebook once a player disproves your suggestion. That means that the cards are not in the Confidential envelope. If no player was able to disprove your suggestion, you can either make an accusation or end your turn. 


You get to make an accusation when you think you have solved the crime. For suggestions, you have to be in the room that you are suggesting the crime occurred. But for an accusation, you don’t have to be in the room. To make an accusation, you say ‘I accuse Mrs. Peacock of committing the crime in the lounge with a knife’. After that, you get to look into the cards in the Confidential envelope. You can make an accusation and suggestion on the same turn. 

Winning The Game

If the cards in the Confidential envelop correspond with your accusation, viola, you become the winner. If not you can’t move further and cannot win the game. But you can show your cards to disprove another player’s suggestion. That means that you should only use the accusation option when you are very sure that your suggestion is correct. 

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