How To Connect SAMSUNG TV To Wi-Fi Without Remote

Using a Smart TV requires connecting your TV to the internet to access most streaming services available. Connecting your TV to the internet requires the use of the TV remote, or smartphone remote app, or even a universal remote. In the situation where your TV remote control or universal remote isn’t handy, it can be an issue to connect your Smart TV to Wi-Fi.

This article comes in handy to show you an alternative way to connect your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without the remote control. All you have to do is to follow the process outlined in this post.

Alternative Way To Connect Your Samsung TV To Wifi Without Remote

The alternative way to go about this is to use a mouse or keyboard. Most smart TV’s allow you to connect the TV to a mouse or keyboard. It could be a wired or wireless mouse or keyboard.

Check For Onscreen Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility For Your TV

First, you have to confirm if your Samsung TV supports this connection. The best way to check is using your TV guide. For your Samsung smart TV, visit the Samsung support site here. Search for the option ‘Using a Keyboard and Mouse’. You will find a list of recommended mouse and keyboards you can use on-screen on your TV.

These are some of the recommended ones on the SAMSUNG support list

LogiTech K360

LogiTech K400

LogiTech K750


If you don’t have any of the recommended mouse, any new mouse or keyboard will come in handy. That includes both wireless and wired options. Avoid using an older model because it may not be compatible with your Smart TV because of the old data transfer system programmed to it.

To connect your keyboard or mouse to your Smart TV, plug the device into the USB port on your TV. You can find the USB port at the back of your TV. Your TV will automatically recognize the device without the need for further changes on your TV.

Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Remote

After you connect your keyboard or mouse to your TV, follow the steps below to connect your TV to a Wi-Fi

a. Turn on the Router you are trying to connect to your TV.

b. Press and hold the lone button on your SAMSUNG smart TV. This button can be found under your TV. You make the selection by using your mouse to click on the options.

c. You will see three options on your screen. From the options, click on the ‘Input’ option.

d. A new window will open with options to choose from. Click ‘Live TV’. From the options.

e. Take your mouse to the right side of your screen, a new menu will show. Click the ‘Recommended’ option which is under the ‘Channel’.

f. In the new window, you will find this message ‘You Are Not Connected’, and under it is an option to ‘Configure Network’. Click on ‘Yes’ to commence the configuration process.

g. In the Network setting page, click on the ‘Router SSID’ option. Enter your Router password to connect to the internet.

h. Complete the process by saving your configurations. You will find an instruction on your TV screen on how to complete the process.