How Much Does It Cost To Add A Channel On DirecTV?

DirecTV is a satellite TV provider that gives subscribers access to local and broadcast channels. They have different packages such as sports, entertainment, and other packages. Each package comes with multiple channels.

Deciding which package to opt for can be a bit confusing especially for a family with different people with different choices of entertainment. The option is to go for the DirecTV Premier which is quite expensive at $134.99 per month. Thankfully, there is a less expensive way to go about this.

If you’ve subscribed to a DirecTV package and you discover that your favorite channels aren’t there. No need to worry. DirecTV has an Add-on option that allows you to switch to a different package. or your favorite channels to your current package for a small price.

In this post, you will learn how to add a channel to your current package or switch to a new package. Also, you will learn how much it costs to add a channel on DirecTV, and the cost of switching to a new package.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Channel On DirecTV?

The amount it costs to add a channel on DirecTV depends on if it’s a premium channel or not. Adding a premium channel to your package costs more. But generally, the cost starts from $4.99 to add a channel on DirecTV. Some of the premium packages include Starz, HBO, Showtime. Below is how much it costs to add any premium channels to your current plan.

DirecTV Add-on Packages And Cost

Channel Add-OnsPriceFeatures
CINEMAX, STARZ, SHOWTIME$32.97 /monthPremium entertainment channels
DOGTV$4.99 /monthChannels for your dog’s entertainment.
EPIX$5.99 /monthEPIX channels
HBO Max$14.99 /monthPremium entertainment channels
MOVIES EXTRA PACK$4.99 /monthMovies, short films, musicals, and documentaries
MLS DIRECT KICK$22.25 /month or $89 / season paymentSeason games.
NBA League Pass$29.99 / month or $149 season paymentNBA games
NFL Sunday Ticket$48.99 / moth or $293.94 season paymentNFL games
NFL Sunday Ticket Max$65.99 per month or $395.94 season paymentNFL SUNDAY TICKET NFL Redzone DirecTV Fantasy Zone Live access on the go
NHL Center Ice$199.95 per season40 games each week and NHL network
Outdoor Channel$4.99 / monthOutdoor adventure shows

How Much Is ESPN On DirecTV?

It costs $5.99 a month to get ESPN on DirecTV. There is also the option to pay a $59.99 annual fee which is a lot cheaper than the monthly fee. The good thing is that you cancel or opt-out of this subscription at any time.

 The ESPN package is for sports junkies. ESPN channels give access to different sports such as Basketball Games, UFC, Major League Soccer Matches, Martial arts, international soccer, and major sports events.

How Much Is HBO On DirecTV?

It costs $14.99 per month to get HBO Max on DirecTV. The HBO package is for movie junkies. It gives you access to thousands of full episodes of original series, movies, comedies, documentaries, and exclusive video content.

How Much Does It Cost To Add FS1 To DirecTV?

FS1 channel comes with the DirecTV Entertainment Package which costs $69.99 a month to access. FS1 channel shows live sports news, sporting events, and highlights of major sports shows.

How To Add A Channel Or Premium Package On DirecTV?

There are two ways to add a channel or premium package on DirecTV. The first is to add directly to your online account and via a text message. Follow the steps below to complete the process online.

Step 1. Visit the Website Here and add your User ID and Password to log in.

Step 2. Click on ‘Change Plan’ and select ‘Channel Add-ons’ from the list.

Step 3. Go through the list of channels and packages available and click on ‘Add’ and ‘Continue’ to add the selected channel.

Step 4. Review your channels and click on ‘Submit Order’ to complete the process.

Add Channels Via Text

The process is easy and straight to the point. You need to use the phone number connected to your DirecTV account to send the message. Simply send a text with the premium package ‘Code’ to 223322. After that, follow the prompts to complete the process.

Code List For DirecTV


How To Remove A Premium Channel Or Package On DirecTV?

Step 1. Visit the Website Here and add your User ID and Password to log in.

Step 2. Click on ‘Manage Package’ and ‘My Add-ons’

Step 3. Go through the list of channels add-ons. Click on ‘Remove’ beside any channel or package you want to remove.