Cox Equipment Return: How To Return Cox Equipment

Cox Communications is one of the top Internet and Cable TV service providers in the United States. When you first subscribe for any cox service packages, the hardware or equipment is shipped to your location for installation.  

You can outrightly buy the Cox equipment or lease. It is cheaper to lease than buy. That is why most people opt for a lease instead. For instance, it cost $6.99 a month to lease a Cox single-band Wi-Fi modem, while it cost $129.99 to buy.

If you lease any Cox equipment, you are required to return the equipment when you cancel your subscription. You may also have to return your equipment when you want to upgrade from your current plan to a higher plan.

The process of returning equipment to Cox is not as complicated as most people think. In this post, we will explain the entire Cox equipment return process in detail. That includes how and where to return your equipment.

When Do You Need to Return Your Cox Equipment?

You have to return your Cox equipment in the following instances:

a. When You Cancel Your Service

If you equipment was based on a lease agreement, you are to return the equipment when you cancel the subscription. The equipment still belongs to Cox in a lease agreement. You must return the Cox equipment within 10 days after cancellation.

b. Plan Upgrade

When you upgrade your plan, your current equipment may not have the features needed to service the new plan. You have to return the equipment for an upgrade to power your new plan. For instance, if you upgrade from SD to HD, you need to return your SD receiver for an upgraded HD satellite resolution.

c. When There Is a Defect On Product

Cox has a return policy that allows you to return a defective product. If you purchase a new Cox equipment and you notice a defect on the product, you can return the product for repairs or replacement. You must return a defective Cox product within 30 days of purchase.

How To Return Equipment To Cox

There are steps to take to successfully return a Cox equipment. Below is an outline of the steps.

1.  Cancel Your Cox Subscription

The first step is to cancel your Cox subscription. Cox will assume that your subscription is still active if you don’t cancel, and they will continue to bill your account monthly. To avoid that, make sure you cancel any current subscription before you return the equipment. For defective product returns, there’s no need to cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Cox Subscription

a. Contact Customer Support

The first step is to contact Cox customer support and request for cancellation of your current service (s). Call the cox customer support @ 800-234-3993. Cox service cancellation attracts a cancellation fee of $15 which you have to pay after your service has been canceled.

b. Request For Recover Kit

The recovery kit contains instructions on how and where to return your Cox equipment. You can request for the kit from the customer support agent. Another way to get the kit is to log into your Cox account and click on the ‘Returns/ Recover Kit’ option.

2. Box The Cox Equipment

After canceling your service, the next step is to box or pack the equipment. It’s advisable to use the original packaging to box the equipment. Place all the accessories that came with the equipment inside the box. You can use a Bubble Wrap ‘Buy on Amazon‘ to add an extra layer of protection. Seal the box and place the return shipping label on the box.

3. Return The Equipment

The equipment is ready for shipping at this point. You can either deliver the package in person or ship it via mail. You will be given a tracking receipt after you ship the product. Keep the receipt safe because you will need it to request for refunds of the months remaining on your subscription.

Where To Return Cox Equipment

There are three options available to return cox equipment.

a. Return Cox Equipment Via Mail

You have the option to return Cox equipment via mail. Cox partnered with UPS to undertake equipment returns. To return a Cox equipment via mail, contact Cox customer support to request for a Prepaid UPS label. Find the nearest UPS Store locator in your location and drop off the equipment. Note that large equipment is not eligible for this return option.

b. Return Cox Equipment Via Professional Pickup

If you don’t have the time to drop off the equipment at any UPS pickup location near you, you can opt for a professional pickup. Contact Cox customer support and schedule an equipment pickup. Ensure you request for a receipt as evidence for the returned equipment.

What Equipment Do I Need To Return To Cox?

Make sure you include the following in your equipment return package.

  • Wireless Gateways
  • Telephone modems
  • Internet modems
  • Digital receivers
  • Telephone equipment
  • Netgear router
  • Power cords
  • Homelife Touchscreen
  • Security gadgets

How Long Do You Have To Return Cox Equipment? (Cox Return Policy)

The time you need to return a Cox equipment depends on the circumstance. For a new Cox equipment with a defect, you have 30 days from the day of purchase to return the product for repairs or refund. For cancellation, you have 10 days from the day you canceled the service to return the equipment.

What Happens If You Don’t Return Your Cox Equipment?

Failure to return your Cox equipment after you cancel your subscription is a breach of contract and it incurs a penalty. The penalty can be an additional bill or a fine. The fine may be an amount equivalent to the average cost of the equipment.


Buying Cox equipment is cheaper in the long run. But most people prefer leasing because it’s quite affordable. Returning leased Cox equipment is a must after you cancel the services. Failure to do so is a breach of contract.

The entire steps involved in returning equipment to Cox have been explained in detail in this post. That includes how, where to return Cox equipment.