Cox Outage Reimbursement (Everything You Need To Know

Do you know that as an active customer, Cox gives you a reimbursement for an internet outage? This post gives you complete detail of how the Cox outage reimbursement works. You will find out who’s eligible to make the claims, how to apply for a cox outage reimbursement, and what you get.

Cox is one of the communication Service Companies that offer telephone, cable TV, and internet services. Despite their great services, there are times in between when they have outage issues. It could be a result of technical issues from the Company’s end.

It sucks to experience downtime when you need to access the internet. But the good thing is that Cox got your back. Besides their great services, one of the reasons millions of people opt for Cox services is because of their policies. One of those policies is the Cox outage reimbursement policy.

About Cox Outage Reimbursement Policy

When there is an outage or downtime, most Companies just fix the issue and move on as nothing happened. Most of them don’t have a compensation package to reimburse customers for the downtime. That’s not the same with Cox.

Cox has an outage reimbursement policy that is set to compensate customers for any downtime experienced. As long as the outage is from the Company’s end, an active customer can apply for and get compensated for the downtime.

Most people don’t know of this policy that is why they aren’t taking advantage of it.

Who Is Eligible For Cox Outage Reimbursement?

You are eligible for the cox outage reimbursement as long as you have an active plan with them when the outage occurred. Also, the outage has been from the Company’s end for it to be valid.

This means that Cox won’t reimburse you for the outage or downtime that occurred from your end. For instance, if the issue is from your router, modem settings, or disconnected wires and cables, you won’t receive any downtime compensation from Cox. In such a case, you can contact Cox customer support to fix the issue and not for reimbursement for the downtime.

Factors Cox Consider Before Paying Outage Reimbursement

When you reach out to Cox to claim reimbursement, they will consider the following factors. In other words, they will reimburse you if the following factors are in place.

a. Time of Outage

Cox will only reimburse you for the outage that happened within the last two months. Let’s assume that there was an outage three months ago and you were not aware of the reimbursement policy back then. If you become aware of the policy three months later, you can’t apply for reimbursement because it’s passed the window period.

b. Cause of Outage

 Cox will only reimburse you for an outage that stems from their end. It is usually a general outage that affects a particular location. But if the outage or downtime is from your end. Let’s say, your router develops a fault, Cox won’t reimburse you for the downtime.

How To Apply For Cox Outage Reimbursement

There are times when Cox automatically reimburses customers after an outage. But other times, customers have to apply for reimbursement. There are three methods to apply for an outage reimbursement from Cox.

a. Call Cox Customer Support

The easiest method is to call the Cox customer support number on 401-383-2000. Upon contacting them, explain to the customer support agent that you had an outage.

Your call will be transferred to an account representative who will determine the duration of the outage, and the number of days you will be credited for. You may be asked to send proof of the outage.

After the confirmation, the account representative will credit your bill. You can request a copy of the adjusted bill.

b. Email Cox Customer Support

Send Cox customer support an email containing a copy of the error log on your device. The error log can be gotten from your router or modem. Access the device, check the error log, take a screenshot of the downtime period and send via email to customer support.

c. Send Error Log Via Router Module

The final option is to send the error log within the Cox router module. You will see the option to send the log to Cox customer support via the module. This method is easy even if you’re not a tech-savvy person.

What Do You Get From Cox Outage Reimbursement?

Sadly, the Cox outage reimbursement isn’t paid in cash. But they have a better compensation package than some Companies that will just add a few MBs to your current plan.

Cox will credit your bill for the days you experienced the outage or downtime. What it means is that they will add more days to your current plan. If the downtime was three days, you will get an additional three days added to your bill at the expiration of your plan.

Even though Cox has a record of the outage from their end. You may need to send an error log to confirm the days you experienced the outage. You can get the error log from your router module.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cox Compensate For Outages?

Yes. Cox reimburses customers for outages as long as the outage is from their end. Most people don’t know about this or how to apply for it, that’s why they don’t take advantage of it.

Can You Get Money Back For Cox Internet Outage?

Cox doesn’t reimburse you with money for an internet outage. Rather, add to your Cox internet bills the number of days you experienced the downtime. For those additional days, you don’t have to pay to use their internet connection.

Will Cox Reimburse Me If The Issue Is From My End?

No. If you experience an internet outage as a result of technicalities from your end, Cox won’t reimburse you. They will help you fix the issue if you contact Customer support. But they won’t reimburse you.