Cricket Hotspot Not Working (5 Tips To Fix)

Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T. The company provides wireless internet and similar services under the Cricket name. Although AT&T offers better plans with faster speed, most people opt for the Cricket wireless plan because it’s cheaper and has unlimited plans.

The Cricket wireless hotspot allows your mobile device as a portable wireless access point for an extra $10 charge per month. You tether your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to your phone via the wireless LAN or using a USB cable.

It can be frustrating when you try to connect to your Cricket Hotspot and it won’t work. Several reasons can cause your Cricket hotspot not to work.

In this post, we will outline some issues that can cause your Cricket Hotspot to stop working and possible ways to fix the issue. At the end of the post, you should be able to fix the issue using any of the tips outlined here.

Why Is My Cricket Hotspot Not Working?

Several reasons can cause your Cricket hotspot not to work.  Some of the common issues include the following:

a. Using An Ineligible Device

Not all phones are eligible to use the Cricket Mobile Hotspot. Your phone must have the basic criteria required to be compatible to use Cricket Hotspot. By compatible, we mean that your phone must be an Apple BYOD Device (model 4s or newer) or a Cricket Branded LTE Device. If your phone doesn’t meet the requirement, you won’t be able to activate the hotspot wirelessly. Check this post on the list of phones eligible for Cricket Mobile Hotspot.

b. Wrong Data Plan

You must be subscribed to the right data plan to access the mobile hotspot option. To access the Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot, you must be subscribed to any of these plans:

  • $55 Cricket Core Plan
  • Any of the Grandfathered rate plans
  • $55 Unlimited Plans
  • $60 Advanced plan
  • $60 Unlimited Extra plan
  • $60 Unlimited Max plan
  • $70 Unlimited Plan.

c. Device Limit:

There is a limit to the number of devices you can connect to your Cricket Mobile Hotspot at a time. You can connect a maximum of six devices at a time. The hotspot won’t work on any device you connect after the required device limit. Note that, connecting multiple devices to your Cricket Mobile hotspot will reduce performance and internet speed.

d. Network and Server Issue

If your Cricket hotspot network suddenly stops working, it could be a network outage issue. It could be that you’re in a location with a low network signal. First, check the network indicator on your device to see if there’s a strong network signal.

e. Violating Terms and Conditions of Use

There are some terms and conditions users or customers must adhere to when using the Cricket wireless mobile hotspot. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions can lead to termination. Check this page for Cricket Mobile Hotspot terms and conditions.

How To Fix My Cricket Hotspot To Start Working

Fix 1. Activate Mobile Hotspot On Your Account

You must activate the mobile hotspot option to your phone number in your Cricket App to activate the feature. Follow the steps below to activate the feature.

  • Open the MyCricket App on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Add ‘Mobile Hotspot’ feature’. Note that this attracts a $10 a month charge.

Fix 2. Enable Hotspot on Your Phone

You have to enable the hotspot option on your phone to use the Cricket Mobile Hotspot. Follow the steps below to enable the hotspot on your mobile device.

. Turn on the mobile data on your phone. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ on your phone. Tap on the ‘Mobile Data’ option to activate mobile data on your phone. To confirm the mobile data is on, check the top menu on your phone for the two arrows beside the 4G icon.

. The next step is to turn on the hotspot option on your phone. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on the ‘Tethering & Mobile Hotspot’ to turn on the hotspot option.

. Search for the Cricket Wireless network on your other device and connect to the network. After that, you can use the other device to connect to the internet.

Fix 3. Change Your Device Location

If the Cricket wireless network keeps disconnecting, you can change the location of the device. It could be that there is a device emitting electromagnetic (EM) near the device. EM blocks network signals and examples of such objects are copy machines, treadmills, surveillance cameras, lights, automatic garage doors, and similar devices.

Fix 4. Factory Reset The Mobile Device

Note that this process will clear all data saved on your device before now. So, this should be your last option. Thus, it is advisable to reset the device only when it’s necessary. Follow the guide here to reset your Cricket wireless.

Fix 5. Contact Cricket Wireless Support Center

If you’ve tried the tips outlined and your Cricket mobile hotspot won’t work, the final option is to contact their support center. It could be that it is a general issue. They should be able to help you fix the issue in no time. Call Cricket customer support via 1-800- Cricket (274-2538), or visit their website.