4 Ways To Fix DirecTV Local Channels Not Working

What happens when you can’t access your local channels on your DirecTV? No need to panic just yet.

As a DirecTV subscriber, you should be able to access your local channels on your TV. If you can’t access some or all your local channels, it’s an indication that something is wrong. Before you hit the mental panic button, know that this is a minor issue that can be fixed.

In this post, you will understand why your DirecTV local channels are not working and tips you can try to fix the issue.

Why Are My Local Channels Not Working On DirecTV?

There are several reasons why your local channels are not working on your DirecTV. These are some of the common reasons:

a. Dropped Channels

It could be that the channel you are trying to access has been removed on DirecTV. Recently, DirecTV updated a list of channels they are planning to drop on their network. If the local channel you are trying to view is on the list of dropped channels, you can’t access the channel. Check this Site to find a list of channels being dropped by DirecTV.

b. Issue With Your Receiver

It could be that there is an issue with your DirecTV receiver. The issue may be a minor bug or error that requires troubleshooting to fix.

c. Issue With DirecTV Server

An issue with the DirecTV server can after local channel signals. Unlike the issue with the receiver which you can easily fix, there is nothing much you can do about the server issue. You have to wait for the DirecTV tech team to resolve the issue. One way to know it’s a server issue is that none of your channels will show.

Be rest assured that, if there is a server issue, DirecTV knows about it and may currently be working to fix it. So, just give it a little time.

Ways To Fix DirecTV Local Channels Not Working

a. Refresh Your DirecTV Receiver

One quick way to fix this issue is to refresh your DirecTV receiver. Follow the steps below to refresh your receiver:

. Visit DirecTV Site Sign-in page.

. Enter your ‘User Id’ and ‘Password’ and click on ‘Sign In’.

. Click on ‘Account Overview’ and select ‘My DirecTV’ from the options.

. Select ‘Manage Package’ from the options and click on ‘Refresh Receiver’.

. Wait for five minutes for your receiver to complete the refreshing process.

This process should fix the issue, if not, try the other tips below.

b. Power Cycle Your Receiver

If refreshing the receiver didn’t fix the issue, the next step is to power cycle the device. The power cycle drains the power from the receiver. The process helps to fix minor errors and bugs on your receiver.

There are two methods to power cycle your receiver. You will get similar results from either method.

Method 1: Manually Power Cycle DirecTV Receiver

. Remove your DirecTV receiver’s power cord from the power source.

. Press and hold the power button on your receiver for a couple of seconds to drain the power of your device.

. Plug back the power chord and restart the receiver.

Method 2: Power Cycle DirecTV Receiver With Reset Button

. Press and hold the reset button on the receiver for 30 seconds.

. The reset button can be found on the side or at the back of your receiver.

. Allow the receiver to restart and reboot.

c. Reset The DirecTV Receiver

It is advisable to factory reset your receiver only when it’s necessary. This is because the factory resetting clears any saved data on your receiver. That means you have to configure and customize the setting on your receiver from scratch after the factory resetting. Follow the steps below to factory reset your device

. Press and hold the ‘Power’ button on your receiver for thirty seconds.

. Release the button and allow the device to reboot.

. The power button is the blue button on your receiver.

d. Contact DirecTV Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips mentioned earlier and you can’t get the local channels, it’s time to reach out to DirecTV customer support. It could be that your receiver is broken, or there is a general outage issue or routine maintenance going on. Their customer support agent will help you fix any issue with your receiver. Contact via their website or call their support number 800-531-5000.


When you can’t access your local channels on DirecTV, first check if the channel is one of the channels dropped by DirecTV. If the channel is not on the list of dropped channels, you can apply any of the tips here to troubleshoot your device and get it working in no time. If your receiver is damaged, contact DirecTV customer support for repairs or replacement.