7 Ways To Fix Dish Network Signal Loss On Some Channels

Different types of errors can cause your Dish Network channels not to show. The first step to fixing the issue is to figure out the type of error in question. There is a black and blue static screen error with no error message on display. If you’re having this type of error, no channel will show. It is usually caused by incorrect cable connection and setting your TV on the wrong input.

There’s the 002 and 015 signal loss error which is a complete or partial signal loss. If you’ve lost the Dish Network signal on some channels, it falls under this category of error.

This post covers possible reasons why your Dish Network is losing signals on some or all the channels. Also, you will learn some basic troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.

4 Causes Of Dish Network Signal Loss On Some Channels

These are some of the reasons why you are having a complete or partial channel loss on your Dish Network.

a. Severe Weather

Although the Dis Network is stable and reliable, severe weather can interrupt signals temporarily. For instance, heavy rain or storm can cause your Dish Network to lose signals. Not just rain, high winds, heavy fog, snow, and ice can interfere with reception too. Most times, this may affect some channels and not all channels.

b. Changed Satellite Dish Location

During the installation process, the satellite dish is set up and fine-tuned by a professional. If you change the location of the dish, you will lose signal from some or all the channels.

c. Moved Dish Receiver Location

Same with the Satellite dish, if you move the Dish receiver from its initial location, you will experience a partial or total loss of signal. Also, you will experience this issue if you change the cable connections.

d. Object Obstruction

Tall trees or any object that obstructs your satellite dish’s view of the sky can interfere or block signals. If you’re in a location with many tall trees or buildings, you will have issues receiving a strong Dish signal.

7 Ways To Fix Dish Network Signal Loss On Some Channels

These are tips you can apply to fix the partial network loss issue on your Dish Network.

1. Wait It Out

If there’s severe weather, there is nothing you can do. You just have to wait out. The signal will normalize automatically. If your receiver is connected to the internet, you can watch recordings on your DVR while you wait for the weather to get better.

2. Return Receiver To Location

If you moved the Dish receiver to another location or room in the house, take it back to its initial location. If you want to set up the receiver to a new room or location in the house, you need to contact Dish Network Customer support to send a technician.

3. Remove Obstructions

Tre removing any object obstructing the Satellite Dish. Make sure you adhere to all safety measures while removing the object. If it’s a tall tree or a heavy object, it is best to call a professional to handle the removal.

4. Check The Cables

Check the receiver to wall cables and make sure they are connected correctly to the Dish receiver.

5. Rest Dish Receiver

If the weather is fine and you still have issues receiving signals on some channels, try resetting your Dish receiver. Follow the steps below to complete the reset process.

. Unplug the Dish receiver from the power source.

. After 15 seconds, plug back the receiver into the power source.

. if you’re using a Hopper & Joey system, unplug from the system.

. Allow the reset process to complete. This may take up to 5 minutes.

6. Power Reset

The next option is to carry out a power reset. Follow the steps below to carry out a power reset.

. Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control.

. Select ‘Tools’ from the option and further select ‘Reset Hopper’.

7. Contact Dish Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the options mentioned and you’re still experiencing the same issue, reach out to Dish Customer support. You can reach them via their website on mydish.com/chat or contact them at 800-333-3474. Contact support too if you need help resetting the Satellite dish or setting up the receiver in another location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Dirty Satellite Dish Affect Reception?

No. A dirty Satellite dish doesn’t affect reception. The Satellite dish is built for outside use. So, it can handle dirt buildup without affecting the signal reception on your Dish Network.

Why Does My Satellite Keep Losing Signal When It Rains?

Your Satellite loses signal when it rains because rain tends to absorb or interfere with signal connection on the Dish. It interferes with electromagnetic signals.