Dish Tailgater Not Working

Dish tailgater is a portable satellite dish that offers both indoor and outdoor services. With Dish tailgater, any user can either pull an outside event, tailgate, or also camp. It is seen as portable because it can be moved to any location where it can still entertain its users.

With the portability feature of this device, it can be prone to having little glitches, which is not always common, but still possible. However, a dish tailgater might require a little repair process by its user. If you own a dish tailgater and you wish to know why your dish tailgater is not working then this post is for you.

Why Is My Dish Tailgater Not Working?

The portability of the dish tailgater has made it possible for anyone to mishandle the device. When this happens, it develops faults that will need repair. The most common reasons why your dish tailgater is not working are:

a. Dish Not Fixed In Place

This problem is common among users, and when it happens, the dish starts to get loose and is on the verge of coming off. This issue can be traced back to the installation process.

This means that the set-up of the dish tailgater went wrong at some point. This issue can also affect the connection of the dish and the satellite network.

b. Setup  Problems

While setting up your dish tailgater, you will need to connect it to your receiver, that way you will access signals. Your dish tailgater can stop working if these connections are not done in place or if the dish and the receiver are not compatible.


c. Faulty Device

 Another reason why your dish tailgater must have stopped working might be due to a broken device. Using a dish tailgater for both indoor and outdoor purposes has put the device at a big risk of constant damage. Users that place their dish on the bottom side of their vehicle will end up with a faulty device.

d. Power Problem

 Power can be the answer to your questions. When your dish tailgater develops a power problem, the dish will not function. This power problem can also be a result of a wrong setup done on the device.

e. Blurred Display

The display problem is another issue that can emerge with your dish and when it occurs, the TV’s display and the sound output will be lost. This problem can emerge when the central hose that connects the tailgater to the device is loose.

How Do I Get My Dish Tailgater To Work?

If you are facing any of the problems above on your dish tailgater then check out these simple solutions that will help you tackle them below:

  1. When you notice that your dish tailgater is not tight enough, you need to ensure that the installation procedures are followed in order. Check out the screws on your dish and tighten them all, repeat the tightening process from time to time. When the screws are tight enough, your device will last longer.


  1. In a case of a setup issue, the tailgater will provide downloadable updates that will be used to fix the problem. You can automatically update the settings or manually update them. Once it is done, your device will power up.


iii. When dealing with a faulty dish tailgater, which can be a result of careless manhandling, then you will need to send your device to the dish company. You can get a free fix or a paid fix depending on your warranty and the condition of your dish tailgater.

  1. To solve a power problem, you have to ensure that your dish tailgater is kept on a stable and smooth surface. Having frequent irregular movement is not advisable for your device. Your dish should also be facing in the direction of the southern sky.


  1. If a blurred display keeps happening on your dish tailgater, then you should get a hose clamp, tighten it well to the device and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

5 Ways To Fix The Dish Tailgater Unable To Find Signal Issue

A fault cable, bad weather, and a close obstacle can affect the signal of your dish tailgater and you can fix it by following these steps:

a. Examine Your Cables

 As a user, the reboot button should be used in any case of a bad signal. You can only proceed to inspect other things, like a bad cable, when the reboot doesn’t work.

A damaged cable can interfere with your signal. To fix this, open the tailgater, find the bad wire and scrape it off. Fix in new cables and fuse them up while adding tape. The dish company will handle it better if you find it difficult.

b. Restart The Dish Receiver

If your environment does not seem to have stable weather then reboot the receiver by unplugging the power for ten seconds and plugging it back.


If there is no improvement on the signal then unplug the receiver, press, and hold the power button for fifteen seconds. After that, you will need to plug it back,  wait for ten seconds and turn it back on.

c. Look Out For Obstacles That Might Obstruct The Tailgater

Make sure to create a free space between the tailgater, because the obstacles will prevent signals from coming through. Always place the device in the southern sky and keep its antenna at the western arc satellite above the equator.

d. Place Your Dish Tailgater In A Stable Condition

When your dish tailgater is at a place, it will have more chances of receiving signals. All you need to do is to place the dish tailgater on a smooth surface and face it to the southern sky.


e. Reconnect Your Dish Tailgater

If your dish tailgater becomes idle for two weeks or more, the signal will be weak. To get it working, you will need to reauthorize the device.

To do this, place your dish outdoors, and when the signal is back, sign in to your dish account. Select the dish outdoors and click on  ‘reauthorize now’. In less than 5 minutes, you will have your dish working again.


Having a dish tailgater problem and not being able to solve them can be a bit frustrating, but with this post, you can sort out most of those problems yourself. In most cases, the issues can be minor and fixed within a few seconds.

However, if you still experience these problems after trying a DIY on all the steps above, then you will need to contact the dish tailgater customer support team.