Does LG TV Have Bluetooth?

Built-in Bluetooth technology in Smart TV allows you to connect Smartphones and other low-energy Bluetooth devices to your TV. It enables you to stream content wirelessly to your Smart TV without the need for cables or third-party components.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your cell phone and other wireless devices like headsets, MP3 players to your TV. For instance, you can connect your smartphone to your TV using Bluetooth, download the remote app and use it on your TV. Sadly, not all Smart TVs come with the built-in Bluetooth feature.

If like most people, you want to know if LG TV has Bluetooth, the short answer is Yes, most LG TVs have Bluetooth. Read on to find out the type of Bluetooth that comes with LG TV, how to turn on the Bluetooth on your LG TV and many more.

Does LG TV Have Bluetooth?

Yes. Most LG Smart TVs have Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version most recent LG TVs have is the 5.0 version. The difference between the 5.0 and 4.2 or other lower Bluetooth versions is that the 5.0 has a faster speed and more range than others. Bluetooth 5.0 transmits data at 2 Mbps, while 4.2 transmits at 1 Mbps.

The LG TV series with built-in Bluetooth technology are 4k Ultra, OLED, NanoCell, and QNED MiniLED series. With this technology, you can connect your mouse, headphones, wireless keyboards, game controllers, Smartphones and other LE Bluetooth devices to your TV.

How Do I Know If My LG TV Has Bluetooth?

There are several ways to check if an LG TV has the built-in Bluetooth technology. Use either of the options below to check.

a. Check The TV Manual

Every new LG Smart TV comes with a TV manual. The manual contains all the details and specifications of the TV. Read through your manual, on the ‘Connectivity’ option, check for ‘Bluetooth Support’. You will also see the version of Bluetooth that comes with the TV. If you’ve lost your TV manual, follow the other methods below to check.

b. Check Your TV

First, check the TV remote to confirm if it’s a Smart Remote. Most LG TVs with Smart remote have built-in Bluetooth technology.

Another option is to press the ‘Home button’ on your remote> Select ‘Settings’ from the menu options> Select ‘Product Support or System Setting’ option> Select ‘System information or Customer Support’. If you’ve lost the TV manual or you are yet to buy the TV, follow the method below to confirm.

C. Check the Internet

Visit LG’s website. Enter the TV brand model (series) name on the search box on the top right side of the screen. Another option is to use the filter option on the left side of the page to filter out the exact TV series. You will see a list of features that come with the exact model or series. Check for ‘Bluetooth support’ in the Connectivity section.

Also, you can type in the TV brand’s model on Google to get information on its features from popular tech sites.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On LG TV

Follow the steps below to turn on Bluetooth on LG TV and connect a nearby Bluetooth device to the TV.

. Press the ‘Settings’ button on your TV remote. If your remote doesn’t have the settings button, press the ‘Menu’ button. Scroll down the menu option and go to ‘Settings’.

. Choose the ‘Advanced Settings> option.

. Scroll down to the ‘Sound’ option, and select ‘Sound Out’ from the menu.

. Choose the ‘Bluetooth Device List’ option. At this stage, the Bluetooth is in pairing mode. Click on your device’s Bluetooth name to automatically complete the pairing process.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones (AirPods) to LG Smart TV.

A Bluetooth headphone is one of the devices you can connect to your LG Smart TV via Bluetooth. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

. Ensure your Bluetooth headphone is within 30 feet range of your LG Smart TV.

. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your headphone to turn on the Bluetooth and initiate pairing mode.

. Press the ‘Settings’ option on your LG TV remote.

. From the menu, find the ‘Sound Output’ option > ‘Bluetooth Device List’ option

. On the Bluetooth menu list, you will see a list of wireless devices within range. Find your headphone’s Bluetooth name. Click on Pair and Connect to complete the process.

Other Ways To Connect A Device To LG TV

If your LG smart TV doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature, there are other alternatives available to connect a device to the TV. First, you can use the HDMI cable to connect your TV to the device. For instance, you can use the HDMI console to connect your game console to your LG TV. Other options available are the audio output ports.

You can opt for a Bluetooth Audio Adapter as an alternative to built-in Bluetooth. These are some options available to choose from on Amazon. 

a. Avantree Oasis Bluetooth 5.0

b. Mii B06TX Bluetooth Transmitter