Does TCL TV Have Bluetooth?

One of the cool features that come with the most recent Smart TV is Bluetooth. Before now, you needed a cable to connect your TV to any other device. But with Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect any device to your Smart TV with no issue.

With Bluetooth, you can connect your Smartphone and other wireless devices like headsets, MP3, mouse, keyboard, and game console to your TV. That means you can download the remote app on your Smartphone, connect the phone to your Smart TV via Bluetooth and use your phone as a remote control.

If you want to know if the TCL TV has Bluetooth, the short answer is, not all TCL TV series have built-in Bluetooth. Continue reading to find out how to know if your TCL has Bluetooth, how to connect a device to your TV via Bluetooth, and many more.

Does TCL TV Have Bluetooth?

Not all TCL Smart TVs have Bluetooth. Most TCL Android Smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth features. They come with other connectivity technologies like USB, HDMI, WiFi, and Ethernet.

On the other hand, TCL Roku Smart TVs don’t have built-in Bluetooth. Rather you can connect your device using other options like HDMI, WiFi, and USB.

Unlike Smart TVs like Vizio that comes with Bluetooth LE, the TCL Android TV comes with a regular TV. This means you can connect high-energy devices like a soundbar to your TV directly via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth LE and regular Bluetooth use the same amount of radiofrequency. Power consumption is the main difference between both Bluetooth types. The Bluetooth LE uses reduced power consumption than the regular Bluetooth while maintaining the same communication range.

How To Know If Your TCL TV Has Bluetooth

If you’re wondering if your TCL TV has Bluetooth, there are several ways to check.

a. Check Your TV Manual

One sure way to know if your TV has the Bluetooth feature is to check the TV manual. The manual also specifies the type of Bluetooth that your TV supports and every other information on your TV. If you’ve lost your TV manual, follow the other methods below to check.

b.  Search The Internet

You can visit your TV brand’s website, enter your TV’s model to find out the features of the model. Also, you can simply Google your TV brand’s model to get information on its features from popular tech sites.

c. Check Your TV

Another way to check if your TCL has Bluetooth is to check the TV. Press the <Settings> button on your remote control. Scroll down to <Remote & Accessories> and click to select. If you see the option to connect to a Bluetooth device, it means your TV has Bluetooth.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On TCL TV?

You can turn on the built-in Bluetooth feature in your TCL TV by following the steps below:

. Go to the ‘Setting’ option on your TCL Android TV.

. Scroll to the ‘Network & Connection’ option on the menu.

. Click on ‘Bluetooth’ and choose the ‘On’ option.

How To Pair a Bluetooth Device To Your TCL TV

You can follow the process below to pair your Smartphone, Headphones, Tablets, soundbar, game controller, or any other device to your Android smart TV.

. Press the ‘Home’ button on your TCL TV remote control to open the Home Screen.

. Find the ‘Settings’ on the top menu and press ‘Ok’ on your remote to open the settings pages.

. Scroll down the settings options, select the ‘Remote and Accessories’ option, and press ‘Ok’ on your remote to open.

. Click on ‘Add Accessory’. Your TV Bluetooth will automatically search for available Bluetooth devices within range.

. Find your device’s Bluetooth name, click on it to complete the pairing process.

Other Ways To Connect A Device To TCL TV

If your TCL smart TV doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature, there are other alternatives available to connect a device to the TV. First, you can use the HDMI cable to connect your TV to the device. For instance, you can use the HDMI console to connect your game console to your TCL TV. Other options available are the audio output ports.


You can opt for a Bluetooth Audio Adapter as an alternative to built-in Bluetooth. These are some options available to choose from on Amazon. 

a. Avantree Oasis Bluetooth 5.0

b. Mii B06TX Bluetooth Transmitter