How To Play Farkle: Farkle Dice Game Rules


Farkle Dice game is an easy to play dice game for both children and adults alike.


The object of the game is to be the player to get the highest point which is 10,000 from rolling six dice. Once a player scores up to 10,000 points, other players get one more round.  

farkle game rules

Farkle Dice Game Rules

. You can reroll a dice that falls outside the playing space. 

. A player needs to get 500 points in a single play for the player’s points to start counting.

. A player gets to lose a previous point gained if he decides to take another turn and makes 0 points. 

Number of Players Needed

The Farkle game is played with two or more players. 


You need the following equipment to play the Farkle game

  • Six dice (preferably a six-sided dice). 
  • A paper
  • A pen
  • Dice cup (optional)
  • A PATCH product. 

Setting Up

The first step is to pick a scorekeeper. This is followed by picking out the first player to start the game. To choose the player to start the game, each player is given a dice to roll. The player with the highest number becomes the first player to start the game. If there is a tie, both players have to roll the dice again. The player with the highest numbers goes first. The player on the left side of the first player gets to play next and the game continues in that sequence. 

How To Play Farkle Game

To play, a player rolls all six dice. If the player made some points, the player has the option of rolling again or keeping the points. If the player decides to roll again and makes no point (this is known as making a Farkle), he loses out on the previous points made on the previous roll. On the other hand, the player’s turn comes to an end if he decides to just keep the point. A player can roll all six dice if all the six dice made a point in the previous roll. If not, the player gets to roll just the number of dice that didn’t make a point. 

Farkle Game Score Points

The Farkle game points can be a little tricky to understand as a newbie. But it is easier than you think. First, a player’s point starts counting from 500 points gotten in a single roll. A Player can lose the 500 points if he makes 0 points in the subsequent roll. So, most players prefer to keep the first 500 points and proceed from there. 

This is how points in the game are calculated

5’s = 50 point

 1’s = 100 points

 1,1,1 = 300 points

 2,2,2 = 200 points

 3,3,3 = 300 points

 4,4,4 = 400 points

 5,5,5 = 500 points

 6,6,6 = 600 points

 Four of a Kind = 1,000 points

 Five of a Kind = 2,000 points

 Six of a Kind = 3,000 points

 A Straight of 1-6 = 1,500 points

 Three Pairs = 1,500 points

 Four of a Kind + a Pair = 1,500

 Two sets of Three of a Kind = 2,500

Winning The Game

A player must score 500 points to be included in the score board. The maximum point in the game is 10,000. If a player gets to 10,000, the other players are given one last chance to roll. After that, the points are calculated and the player with the highest number of points becomes the winner of the game. 

Variations of the Farkle Game

Welfare Farkle: This variation looks out for other players. Once a player gets to 10,000, any point above that is given to the player with the lowest point. 

High Stakes Farkle: The next player starts by rolling the number of dice remaining from the previous owner’s turn. If the new player makes any point from the dice, he gets an extra 1,000 in addition to the number of points he gets. 

Team Farkle: Instead of players playing individually, players get to play as a team. Team members side on opposite sides. The maximum points for team play become 20,000 instead of 10,000.