FBI Surveillance Van WiFi (Everything You Need To Know)

The ‘FBI Surveillance Van WiFi’ term went viral several years ago on social media platforms like Facebook as a joke or prank. Or maybe you’ve seen the ‘FBI Surveillance Van WiFi’ name on the list of available wireless networks on your device and you want to know if it’s true or fake.

In this article, you will find out the truth about the said WiFi, and if the FBI truly makes their WiFi available in their surveillance van. Also, you will find out what happens when you connect to the said wireless network.

How FBI Surveillance Works?

As you know, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an intelligence and security law enforcement agency. The purpose of the agency amongst others is to enforce criminal laws, stop cyber-crime, and defend the United States against foreign terrorist and intelligence threats and attacks.

Once the FBI suspects or has evidence that someone or an organization committed a crime, it sets up surveillance on the person or Organization. So, unless you’ve committed a crime or there is evidence indicating you committed a crime, you don’t have to worry about FBI Surveillance.

The FBI carries out its surveillance either on foot or using a surveillance vehicle, usually a van. Also, they can plant a device or recorder near the suspect to gather more evidence. These days they operate more from an unidentifiable van.

The FBI surveillance van is equipped with the latest tech equipment and devices that make their surveillance duties private and seamless. Of course, the FBI surveillance van will always have a wireless network for connecting various electronic devices. The question is, do they name their wireless internet the FBI Surveillance Van Wifi?

The Truth About FBI Surveillance Van Wifi

Most security agencies in the United States use LAN/WANs with a secure VPN routing back to the agencies. These are protected with firewalls and encrypted to make sure they are hidden from the public eyes. It includes both their phone, videos, fax, and other means of communication. They do this because of the sensitive nature of the information they handle most of the time. This means that most times, they don’t use WiFi wireless networks.

The truth is that, even if the FBI has a wireless internet network in their Surveillance van, they don’t name the network Surveillance Van WiFi. First off, surveillance is a private activity that is carried out without the knowledge of the person or organization being investigated.

Anyone that knows that he or she is under FBI surveillance will go the extra mile to hide evidence that could be used against the person or an organization. Thus, there is always the need for the agency to keep its surveillance activities a secret until the required evidence is gotten.

That being said, the FBI will NEVER name its WiFi SSIDs ‘FBI Surveillance Van WiFi’. They will most likely use a code name or a regular name for their WiFi username or radio signal.

About FBI Surveillance Van Wifi Prank

Most people label their WiFi FBI Surveillance Van WiFi’ as a prank. The prank originated many years ago on Facebook. And since then, people still do that here and there to unsuspecting friends, family, and neighbors.

Others do the same to scare people away from trying to hack or connect to their wireless network. The average person won’t try to hack into a WiFi with the said name. So it works as a way to discourage people from tapping illegally into one’s wireless connection.

Can I Name My WiFi FBI Surveillance Van Wifi

If you change your WiFi name to the said phrase, whether as a prank or to scare your neighbors away from tapping into your internet, it’s not the best thing to do. Some people may not see the joke in it and will likely take it seriously and in turn, may report you to the authorities. So, to be on the safe side, it’s better not to play this prank on anyone unless it’s a close friend or family that will see it as a prank.