How To Fix Sceptre Remote Not Working

It can be a frustrating issue if your Sceptre remote suddenly stops working. There could be several factors that can cause your Sceptre remote to stop working. The most popular of them all is the battery issue.

In this post, we will explore some of the issues that can cause your Sceptre remote to stop working. And for each issue, we will point out a quick fix to help you solve the issue. At the end of the post, you should be able to solve your remote control issue using the DIY steps here.

Sceptre Remote Not Working and Tips To Fix

Issue One: Objects Near Your Device

One of the reasons why Sceptre remote may not work is if there is an object blocking your TV. An object blocking your TV from the remote will interfere with the TV and remote connection. To solve this, ensure you remove any object blocking your TV from your remote.

Another issue could be that you are holding your remote far away from your TV. There is a limit to how far you can take your remote away from your TV for it to work. Make sure you hold your remote control close enough to your TV anytime you want to operate it.

Issue Two: Battery Issue

There could be another reason why your remote won’t work on your TV. It could be that the battery wasn’t fixed well. Or the battery is weak and bad. To fix this, check the battery compartment on your remote and ensure that the batteries are placed well. Most remote controls use the AA battery. The correct way to fix the battery is to place the + side of the battery to face the + mark on the battery compartment. Same with the – side.

Also, it could be that the remote batteries are weak or dead. One way to identify a dead battery is that you will see wet marks on the batteries. Replace the batteries immediately to notice this.

Issue Three: Off TV Remote Reset

Another way to get your Sceptre remote to work is by doing an off TV remote reset. This is a straightforward process. Remove the batteries on your remote. Hold your remote control close to your TV. Press and hold down the ‘Power’ button for 30 seconds. Replace the batteries again and try using the remote on your TV.

Program The Remote Again

If for any reason you had to reset your Sceptre TV or remote, there is a need to reprogram your remote to your TV again. Failure to do this will make your remote unresponsive. Follow the process in your remote manual to complete the programming process again for your remote.

Get a Replacement remote

Finally, if all these tips don’t work, the last option is to order a Sceptre replacement remote on amazon. Thankfully, the replacement remote is affordable at less than $20. Or you can order a universal remote control. That can work on not just your Sceptre TV, but on other devices, you have at home.

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