Ge Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo Tv

Using the GE universal remote control for the first time? You will need to program or sync the remote control to your Sanyo TV. The GE universal remote codes for Sanyo TV comes in handy to connect your TV. This article outlines the codes you need to program your GE universal remote control to your Sanyo TV.

With this code, you can do more than connecting your Sanyo TV. You can also connect other devices like satellite, DVD player, Blue-Ray players, stereo systems, and cable box at your convenience. 

With the aid of the GE universal remote codes for Sanyo TV, you can use a single remote to increase or reduce the volume, change channels or even turn it off.

The codes are more of a 4-digit code. Once you have gotten these codes, keep trying to connect the code to your Sanyo TV, one trial might not do the work. These codes include:

4 Digits GE Universal Codes for Sanyo TV

  • 0097
  • 0110
  • 0049
  • 0268
  • 0004
  • 0289
  • 0109
  • 0108
  • 0180
  • 0192
  • 0094
  • 0192
  • 0192

How To Program GE Universal Remote Code To Sanyo Tv

To be able to use your GE universal remote code on any version or brand of your TV, you will need to program your GE universal remote. This process is a one-time activity before you get unlimited access to perform any action you want to on your device.

There are two basic means of programming your GE universal remote code. It is either the code search method or the code entry method. 

How to Program GE Universal Remote To Sanyo TV with Code Search

a. Turn on the TV you wish to sync using your remote control. 

b. Remove all furniture or obstructions to make sure that your GE universal remote is facing the TV.

c. Press and hold down the ‘Code Search’ button on your remote control. Hold down the button until you see a small LED light.

d. Using the GE universal remote, press the component button that suits your TV. 

e. Find and enter the correct GE universal remote code for your TV brand, using the above codes in this article. Once you get the correct code, the small LED light will show up again. 

f. Press the volume button using your GE universal remote and if it works on your TV, then your TV has been successfully synced. If it is still the same then try another code. 

How to Program GE Universal Remote with Code Entry

a. Turn on your TV with the remote control.

b. Ensure that the GE universal remote is close to the TV.

c. Press and hold down the ‘Code Search ‘ button on your GE universal remote till a LED light comes on.

d. Press the TV button on the remote control.

e. Press and hold down the ‘Power Button’ till your device goes off. Wait for some seconds and then turn on your device by using the power button. Keep pressing the button till your device finds a suitable one.

f. When the correct code is ready then press ‘Enter Button’ to save the code. 

How Do You Pair a Remote to a TV?

When you pair your remote with your TV, you will not have a hard time during a programming process because it will help the TV receive signals from the remote control. To do this, follow these instructions.

a. Press and hold down the program button for 3 seconds. Within some seconds, a LED light will come on and stay till the process is done. 

b. Press a TV button because you are syncing to a TV device.

c. Find and input a code for the brand of TV you are using and press the enter button. 

d. When the LED light goes off then switch on the TV by pressing the power button. 

How to Check if a Sanyo Remote is a Universal Remote

Some Sanyo TV remotes are universal, meaning that you can use them to power and control other devices aside from your Sanyo TV. To check if this is true, follow these processes.

a. Check to see if the Sanyo remote has the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options.

b. If you can see those buttons, then it is a universal remote. 


It is always easier to have a universal remote control because it saves the stress of having a particular remote control for each of your gadgets. Once you have one, all you need to do is to connect it to your other gadgets and start controlling them from all angles. With the help of the codes, you can achieve that within a short period.