Is Google Fiber Available In My Area?

Google Fiber is one of the top high-speed Internet Providers in the United States. They are known to offer a get what you pay internet service starting at $70 per month for 1,000 Mbps.

When compared to other high-speed Internet Providers in the country, Google Fiber is one of the most affordable. The downside of the Google Fiber internet service is that it’s available in just a few states and cities.

If you are wondering if the Google Fiber service is available in your area, this post is for you. You will find out how to check if the Google Fiber internet service is available in your area. Also, if the service is not in your area, you will learn steps you can take to possibly get the service in your area.

How To Know If Google Fiber Is Available In Your Area?

There are two ways to find out if Google Fiber services your area or location. You can either check online or contact Google Fiber customer support. Below is a breakdown of the options.

a. Check The Online Availability Map

The first option is to check the Fiber availability map on their website. The site helps you locate the nearest locations near you where the Google Fiber network is available.

Visit the Site and enter your ‘Street Address’, and ‘Zip Code’. If the service is not in the location, you will be prompted to enter your email address to notify you when the service gets to your location.

b. Contact Customer Support

The second option is to contact Google Fiber customer support to ask if the service is available in your area. Call customer support via 833- 942- 0105. You can also reach out via their Website.

Where Is Google Fiber Available?

Google Fiber network coverage is currently available in 13 states and over 221 cities. Below is a list of states that have the Google Fiber network coverage and the average internet speed in each state.

Google Fiber Availability By States

Google Fiber Availability By StateAverage Network Speed
Alabama1000 Mbps
California648.74 Mbps
Colorado915.50 Mbps
Florida531.50 Mbps
Illinois695.70 Mbps
Kansas1000 Mbps
Missouri1000 Mbps
North Carolina1000 Mbps
Tennessee1000 Mbps
Texas1000 Mbps
Utah1000 Mbps

How To Get Google Fiber In Your Area?

If you’ve checked the Google Fiber availability map and the network is not available in your area, there are steps you can take to get Google Fiber to bring their services to your area. The process is not guaranteed to work. But if more people try these steps from a particular location, it may get their attention to consider bringing their service to your location.

a. Contact Google Fiber Customer Support

The first step is to contact their customer and tech support via their phone number or their website. The sole aim will be to request for their Fiber internet service in your area. You may need to drop the following detail: Your address, zip codes, utility bill, and email address.

b. Google Fiber Site Survey

After you reach out, Google Fiber customer representation will visit your area to make a site survey. If they find your area eligible to extend their network coverage, the team will go ahead and develop a design plan.

c. Legalities

The next step is the team will reach out to you and every other person that reached out from your area to sign a service agreement.

d. Construction and Installation

You will have to wait for your agreement to be approved. After that, the Company will start the construction process.

e. Sign Up

Finally, you will be required to sign up for any of the Google Fiber plans.