Google Fiber Return Equipment: Everything You Need To Know

Google Fiber offers one the fastest and affordable internet in the United States. They offer their service at a flat rate of $100 per month for 2,000Mbps and $70 for 1,000 Mbps.

When you subscribe to any of the Google Fiber plans, they send you equipment via mail. The equipment is sent based on a lease contract. You pay a monthly fee to continue using the equipment. Part of the terms of use is that you are to return the equipment when you cancel the service.

In this post, you will understand how the Google Fiber return equipment  process works. Also, you will learn the equipment to return, where and how to return the equipment, and many more details.

When Do You Have To Return Your Google Fiber Equipment?

You need to return your Google Fiber equipment in the following instances:

a. When You Move To A New Location

When you are moving to a new location with no Google Fiber coverage, you are required to return the equipment before you move.

b. When You Upgrade or Downgrade Your Service

If you plan to upgrade or downgrade from your current service plan, you are to return your previous equipment. This is because your current equipment may not have the features to service the new plan. The Company will ship another equipment set that has the features to match your new plan.

c. When You Cancel Your Plan

You are expected to return your equipment after you cancel your plan. The equipment belongs to Google Fiber Company and they expect to receive the equipment after you cancel your plan.

d. Defect In Product

If there is a defect in a new Google Fiber equipment mailed to you, you are to return the equipment for repairs or replacement. This must be done before the warranty period is over.

How To Return Google Fiber Equipment

These are the steps to take to successfully return your Google Fiber equipment.

a. Cancel Your Subscription/Upgrade Plan

The first step is to cancel your current subscription or upgrade your plan. You have to log into your account to do this. If you are upgrading to a new plan, make sure you perform a factory reset on your equipment after you upgrade to a new plan. After this, you will get an email from FedEx with a link to print your prepaid return label. Print the return label and proceed to the other steps.

b. Box the Google Fiber Equipment

After you cancel your subscription or upgrade your plan, the next step is to box the equipment. It is best to pack the equipment in its original box. Also, make sure you place the accessories that came with the equipment in the box. Use Bubble wrap ‘Buy on Amazon‘ to add an extra layer of protection to the equipment. After that, seal the box and place the prepaid return label on the box.  

c. Return The Equipment

It’s time to ship out the equipment at this point. There are several ways to ship the product. You can either return the equipment in person or ship it via mail. You will receive a tracking receipt after you drop off the location. Keep the receipt safe because you may need it when requesting for refunds of the months remaining on your subscription.

Where To Return Google Fiber Equipment

There are two ways to return your Google Fiber Equipment

a. Return Google Fiber Equipment Via Mail

You have the option to return Google Fiber equipment via mail. Google partnered with FedEx/ USPS to handle their equipment return process. Use USPS for cancellation and FedEx for plan upgrades. If you’re canceling your plan, print a return label from USPS and request a free USPS Package Pickup. You can also drop the equipment at any local post office near you.

For plan upgrade, Google Fiber, you will receive a prepaid return label from three business days after you upgrade your plan.

b. Return Google Fiber Equipment In Person

The second option is to send the equipment in person to any Google Fiber return location near you.

Google Fiber Equipment Return Locations

Drop Off LocationBusiness Hours
Google Fiber Space
701 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas 78704
Monday- Saturday: 10am- 7pm Sunday: Closed
Google Fiber Space
920 Bob Wallace Ave SW, Suite 323
Huntsville, AL 35801
Monday- Saturday: 10am- 7pm Sunday: Closed
Kansas City, KS/MO
Google Fiber Space
1814 Westport Road
Kansas City, MO 64111
Monday- Saturday: 9.30am- 7pm Sunday: Closed
Orange County
Google Fiber Space
The Village at Irvine Spectrum
22 Prism
Irvine, CA 92618
Monday- Saturday: 10am- 7pm Sunday: Closed
Google Fiber Space
250 West Center Street, Suite 101
Provo, Utah 84601
Monday- Saturday: 10am- 7pm Sunday: Closed
The Triangle (Raleigh- Durham)
Google Fiber Space Kiosk –
Crabtree Valley Mall
4325 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27612
Monday- Saturday: 11am- 7pm Sunday: 12pm- 7pm

What Equipment Do You Need To Return To Google Fiber?

Include the following equipment return package:

  • Google Fiber Mesh Extender
  • Phone Box
  • Google Wi-Fi device or Network Box
  • Google Fiber Router
  • Google Fiber modem
  • NVIDIA SHIELD Streaming Box
  • Storage Box

How Long Do You Have To Return Google Fiber Equipment? (Google Fiber Return Policy)

Most Internet Service Providers require customers to return equipment within 30 days. But Google Fibers requires you to return your equipment within 60 days after you cancel or upgrade your plan.

What Happens If You Don’t Return Your Google Fiber Equipment?

Failure to return your Google Fiber equipment is considered a breach of contract. If you don’t return your equipment within the stipulated time which is 60 days, you will be billed an amount equivalent to the price of the equipment. The replacement fee is up to $180 for each piece of equipment you fail to return.