How To Play Guess Who Game: Guess Who Game Rules


Guess Who is an easy and fun game to learn. The game is played by two players who attempt to guess each other’s mystery character. The first player to guess the other’s mystery character wins. Players have only one guess per game and if they guess wrong, they lose. The game is easy to set up and lasts only a few minutes. The game can be played in multiple rounds if the players choose to. The player with the most wins at the end of an agreed number of rounds wins the game.


The objective is to guess your opponent’s mystery character before they guess yours.

Guess Who Game Rules

Players take turns to ask questions

A player is allowed only one question per turn

Players can only ask “Yes” or “No” questions

A player has just one guess per game

A player can either ask a question or make a guess when it’s their turn. Never both!

Number of Players Needed

Only 2 players can play this game at a time.


2 Game Boards with 24 Characters on each board

1 Deck of Character Cards

Setting Up

First, each player selects a Guess Who board with 24 Characters (Faces) each on the boards. Note that both players’ boards have the exact same 24 Characters. Next, the deck of Character Cards is thoroughly shuffled. Each player then picks a Character Card from the deck and places it in the empty frame (cardholder) on their board. Your opponent must not see your chosen Character Card. So keep your board front-facing you so only you can view it.

Players have to guess each other’s chosen characters by asking questions. You ask your opponents questions relating to their character and they do the same to you till one of you is finally able to guess the other’s Chosen character. An agreement is reached on who goes first before the game begins. This could be determined through the toss of a coin, the youngest player going first, and so on.

How to Play Guess Who Game

The players take turns to ask each other Yes or No questions about their mystery Character. Look at all 24 faces on your board and ask your opponent a question based on features of the Characters. You can ask questions like: Does your character have blue eyes? Do they have brown hair? Is your character a boy? Are they wearing glasses? Is your character smiling? Are they wearing a hat?

Note that a player can only ask questions to which the answer is either “Yes” or “No” and is allowed only one question per turn. For example, you can ask your opponent if their character is wearing glasses. If they answer “Yes”, that means all the characters without glasses are out so you flip them over on your board. If they answer “No”, it means all the characters with glasses are out so you flip those over on your board. Your opponent then takes their turn to ask you a question too.

Continue to ask each other questions while narrowing down the options until one of you is able to guess the name of the other’s mystery character. The player that wants to make a guess will do so on their turn instead of asking a question. You cannot ask a question and make a guess in the same turn. You can only do either. Also, note that each player has just one “guess” per game. If you guess your opponent’s character correctly, then you win otherwise, you lose the game.

Winning The Game

If you guess your opponent’s mystery character correctly before they guess yours, then you win. If you guess wrong, you lose and your opponent is the winner.

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