How To Change Channel Without Fios Remote?

How Does Fios Work?

FiOS is a fiber optic internet service that sends and receives data at a faster rate than normal cables. Verizon FiOS offers bundled Internet access, telephone service, and television services. The users of FiOS experience an ultra-fast service because the cable has the power to move in a massive capacity.

All you need to enjoy the Fios network is to purchase a FiOS box, set it up, choose a plan, and enjoy endless internet speed.

If your Fios remote is having issues or the remote is missing and you want to know how to change channels without the Fios remote, this post is for you. In this post, you will learn alternative ways to operate your Fios without your Fios remote control.

How To Change Channel Without Fios Remote

There are several ways to change the channel without a Fios remote. You can change your FiOS TV channel with a smartphone or a Verizon FiOS mobile remote.

a. Use A Fios Compatible Smartphone

A user with access to a Motorola Droid, HD set-top box, or even an HTC Imagio mobile phone can change any channel on FiOS TV. This is possible because these smartphones are made with similar features to that of the FiOS remote.

Also, compatible smartphones allow you to transfer pictures and other data from your smartphone to the FiOS TV screen. Verizon also has plans of releasing other compatible Verizon FiOS mobile remotes soon.

To change the channel or access any feature on your FiOS TV, you will need to go to your applications store on your compatible mobile remote and pair the device with your FiOS network. Select the mobile remote you have and input your wireless telephone number using the smartphone.

b. Use An IR Blaster

An IR Blaster is used to mirror an infrared remote control and used as a replacement for an infrared remote. Some smartphones come with an IR Blaster.

If your mobile phone has an IR blaster, then you are in luck. This is because you can access your FiOS TV and control the channels using your smartphone and at your convenience. To activate these features, download a TV remote app on your mobile device. This TV remote app can be AnyMote Smart IR Remote or any other type.

The good thing about this app is that it will control your FiOS TV and any device that can receive an IR signal. You can use it as a replacement remote control for your air conditioner, DVD and Blu-ray players, and even set-boxes.

c. Smart TV Manufacturer App

Most smart TVs come with a manufacturer’s app. When your Wi-Fi is connected, you will be able to control your television with your device instead of a remote. You can also make use of streaming devices.

How Do I Find My Lost Fios Remote?

Thankfully, the Fios device has a feature that enables you to find your lost Fios remote easily. Simply press and hold the power button on your FiOS for a couple of seconds.

When you press the button twice, your FiOS remote will start beeping wherever it is, that way, any user can find it. You can stop the beeping by pressing any button on the FiOS remote.

This option is available on Verizon’s new Stream TV. The device was built with a big center button. The button either powers the device or helps you trace your FiOS remote using google assistance.

Does Verizon Replace Remotes For Free?

Verizon replaces FiOS TV remotes under their warranty. If a user’s remote develops a fault during the first 90 days after its purchase, then Verizon FiOS will replace it. If a customer has had a replacement before, then the warranty is off. The customer would have to replace the remotes for $14.99.

Another option to get a replacement for free is to visit your DVR/STB menu. Scroll down to customer support and click on replace remote. The customer support will confirm if they can replace it for free or not. If they replace it, then it will be shipped at no cost.

Is There A Fios Remote App?

Yes, there is. You can use the FiOS remote app on your smartphone as a replacement for the FiOS remote. To download the remote app, visit the app store, play store, or the Amazon Kindle app store. Log in with your username and password and link to your FiOS network.

This FiOS remote app comes with its features. The user can auto-import any favorite TV programs to your mobile phone, move photos to the TV and even pause the TV for phone calls.


Verizon FiOS network has made it easy for customers to access their FiOS TV with their compatible smartphones. This option makes it more convenient for the user to navigate the FiOS TV.

This mobile remote option has become a choice for some people because it provides more features than the normal FiOS remote. The customers cannot only change the channel but also manage parental control, adjust volume, fast forward, rewind or even record a live stream. FiOS still has more exciting offers in stock.