Insignia TV Won’t Turn On: 3 Ways To Fix It

The Insignia TV is one of the popular TV brands out there. The manufacturers are known for their quality TV. But for one reason on the other, your Insignia TV can develop some faults. One of the faults could be that your Insignia TV won’t turn on when plugged to a power source. The issue could be that your TV won’t turn on but the red light keeps blinking.

This post outlines some possible ways to troubleshoot your Insignia TV with this issue to turn on. These are simple tips you can easily handle at home without special knowledge. If after trying out these tips and your TV still won’t turn on, then it could be that it is a serious issue, like the motherboard. You can call in a servicing tech to check your TV. But before you start the extra spending, try out the tips in this post first.

Tip 1. Check The Power Source

An issue in the power source where your TV is plugged can cause your TV not to turn on. There is a need to check your power source to make sure it works. One way to check the power source is to plug in another electronic device into the power source. If the device works, then the power source is not bad. If not, then there is a need to call a certified electrician to come check the power source.

Also, you have to check your TV cable plugged into the power source. There may be a cut in the wire which can cause your TV not to power. If the power source and TV wire works fine, check the other options below to troubleshoot your device.

Tip 2. Check the Remote Control

Your TV remote could be the cause of your TV not turning on. The common issue with remote is the battery issue. The battery compartment is located at the back of the remote control. Open the battery compartment and make sure that the batteries are fixed properly.

Also, ensure you hold the remote close enough when using it to avoid break in infrared connectivity. Finally, when using a universal remote control, ensure you program the remote the right way to your Insignia TV. We will be posting an article on the steps shortly.

Tip 3. Reset Your Insignia TV

The final troubleshooting step to try is to reset your Insignia TV. I’m talking about resetting the TV while it’s turned off. To do this, simply remove the TV wire plug from the power source. Hold the wire for 30 seconds and plug back into the power source. Turn on the TV. Most times, this reset issue fixes the issue instantly.

If none of these steps worked, it’s time to reach to a service tech to check your TV. But most people have confirmed that one of the tips worked well for them.

Insignia TV Wont Turn On Red Light Blinks

If you are having this issue with your TV, there is one simple way to fix it. First, unplug your TV from the power source. Wait for 1 minute and plug back. Use your remote and turn on the TV. This will most likely fix the issue.