Is Tracfone Compatible With AT&T?

Tracfone is a prepaid wireless mobile phone service provider. The Company is a MUVO (mobile virtual network operator) that makes use of other carriers’ networks. Tracfone has no network, instead, it resells access on other networks.

Tracfone runs on non-contract prepaid plans that are affordable and flexible. With these plans, you can enjoy 4G LTE nationwide coverage.

AT&T on the other hand is a popular telecommunication company that provides mobile services and fixed telephone services.

Now, Is Tracfone compatible with AT&T should be the next question that comes on, but you seem to be in luck because the next section of this writing will explore that.

Is Tracfone Compatible With AT&T?

Yes, Tracfone is compatible with AT&T. Tracfone is compatible with two specific phone technologies which are GSM and CDMA. While GSM is a wireless network infrastructure, CDMA appears to be an air interface that focuses on radio technology.

AT&T uses GSM technology for their cell phone service, which makes it a compatible network for Tracfone. Tracfone also makes use of other extensive compatible cellular networks like Verizon and T-mobile to bring service to their users. Tracfone uses the bandwidth of all these networks because it does not own its network.

So with the help of the cell phone companies, they offer Tracfone services to customers. When a user signs up for Tracfone, the user will get service to either AT&T or one of those other networks depending on the customer’s location and device.

If you have an existing smartphone and need to switch to Tracfone, then make sure that the smartphone is compatible with any of those cell phone companies. You may have to purchase a new phone from Tracfone if it’s not compatible.

How To Use An AT&T Phone On Tracfone Network?

A Tracfone SIM card does not guarantee access to an AT&T network. As much as Tracfone uses the AT&T network as its GSM provider, you must go through some procedures to connect an AT&T mobile phone on a Tracfone network. What you must do is to unlock your AT&T phone by AT&T and to achieve that you need to follow these steps:

a. Write Out Model And Serial Number

Open the back cover on your AT&T mobile phone to disclose the serial number or the IMEI number. Write it down and proceed to uncover the model number as well. These two numbers are on a white sticker that is right under the battery of the phone.

b. Contact The Customer Care

You must have an AT&T marked phone and an account before you unlock your SIM. Call customer service and place a request to unlock your SIM.

c. Get Your Unlock Code

Customer care will let you access the SIM unlock code and also tell you how to enter the code on your phone.

d. Get Connected

Insert the Tracfone SIM card back into your AT&T phone and in no time, you will access your Tracfone network.

Can You Use An At&T Sim Card In A Tracfone?

When you purchase a Tracfone cell phone you will not have the option to use a different network on the phone because the mobile phones are originally locked by Tracfone.

Just the same way AT&T blocked its SIM. Even though AT&T is compatible with Tracfone, there are still some limitations to it. Irrespective of this, one can still maneuver their way through the situation by:

a. Get Your Phone Unlocked From Tracfone:

You will have to consult customer care to unlock your Tracfone cell phone to enable you to use other networks on the cellphone. The customer service will attend to your request but you have to pay some cash to get it done.

b. Get The SIM Unlocked From AT&T

This is the next step to follow for your AT&T SIM to work on Tracfone. Take the SIM to any AT&T outlet and have your SIM unlocked. Once the SIM and the phone are both unlocked you can access both services.

How Do I Know If My Phone Is Compatible With Tracfone?

To use your new or old smartphone on a Tracfone network, you need to know if the device is compatible. To check the compatibility of your phone, you need to follow these steps below:

a. Select The Carrier

 First, you need to determine your phone carrier. The available options are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and I have an unlocked GSM phone and others/I don’t know. From these options, click your phone carrier, if none suits your phone carrier then choose the fifth option. It will take you to other options.

b. Enter Your SIM

In this step, input your phone’s SIM number. The number contains a series of characters that will be used to access your phone. This number can be gotten from your phone’s settings or the body of the SIM.

c. Enter the IMEI

Your IMEI will also be used to identify your phone and get any information. The end of this step will determine if your phone is compatible.

d. Buy a Plan

When you have proven the compatibility, then proceed to buy an activation kit and any service plan of your choice.


Using a Tracfone network comes with a lot of benefits and that is why several smartphone users work without ceasing just to access a Tracfone network. A user gets to access advanced nationwide coverage, affordable and no-extra-fee phone plan.

Before you use a Tracfone network, your device must be compatible. AT&T is a good example of a compatible device that is compatible Tracfone.