6 Tips To Fix LG TV HDMI Not Working

High-Definition Media Interface (HDMI) is a digital interface used to transfer data from TV to compatible devices. The data transferred from via HDMI includes audio, video, and digital signals. Although there are other means of transferring digital signals from TV to other devices, HDMI is preferable because it transfers high-quality digital signals.

With the help of HDMI, you can connect your game console, laptop or PC, home theatre system, DVD/ Blu-ray player, and other devices to your LG TV. The HDMI feature is here to stay because it’s gradually replacing the analog interfaces.

If you’re getting the error message when you connect your HDMI cable from your TV to another device, this post is for you. There are several reasons why your LG TV HDMI won’t work. This post outlines some of the possible issues and also troubleshooting tips you can apply to solve the issue.

4 Reasons Why Your LG TV HDMI Is Not Working?

a. Input Source Issue

You connect a device to your TV via the Input port or an amplifier. Most LG TVs have multiple input ports and this allows you to connect multiple devices to your TV at the same time. Unless you check to confirm the HDMI port you connect is to the right to Input source, the HDMI won’t work.

b. Problem With HDMI Cable

First, it could be that the HDMI cable isn’t connected well. It could also be that the HDMI port is bad. Another issue may be that there is an issue with the HDMI Cable. For instance, if there’s a cut on the HDMI cable, it won’t pass the digital signals from the device to your TV.

c. Power Issue With TV or Device

Another similar issue could be that the TV or device isn’t receiving a power supply. It could be that the device is not plugged in properly or the power source is not turned on. Whichever it is, if the device isn’t receiving the required power supply to power the device, the HDMI connection won’t work.  

d. Faulty Motherboard

Finally, a faulty motherboard on the TV or the device will make the HDMI port not work. You have to fix the motherboard issue to get the HDMI ports working again. You can take the TV to a technician to fix it. But with the right tools, you can follow the steps below to fix or change the motherboard.

Now we know the possible problems or issues that can cause your LG TV HDMI not to work. Now is the time to fix the issue. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot and fix the HDMI issue on your TV.

6 Ways To Fix Your LG TV HDMI Not Working?

a. Choose The Correct Input Source

The HDMI ports on your LG TV are labeled port 1 and port 2. Check the port as you connect the HDMI cable to confirm the port. Then, use your remote control to choose the correct port. For instance, if you connect to Port 1, use your remote control to switch to HDMI 1 input.

The port is usually behind the TV, so it may be difficult to check the port after you mount your TV. In this case, you can switch between input sources to get the correct port. For instance, switch to HDMI 2 if the HDMI 1 input source doesn’t work.

b. Check The HDMI Cable:

First, check the HDMI cable to ensure there’s no visible cut on the cable. Secondly, ensure you connect the cable correctly on both the device and your TV. Also, try connecting the Cable to another device. If it works, it means that the problem is from the HDMI port and not the cable. If after trying on multiple devices, the HDMI cable won’t work, then you need to buy a new cable. Buy HDMI Cable or 4k HDMI Cable on Amazon.

c. Check The Power Supply On The Device

Check the device to ensure it is plugged correctly into a power source. Not just that, check to ensure the power supply is stable and not too low or fluctuating. Use a Voltmeter to check the power readings. Finally, turn on the device and plug in the HDMI cable again. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Unplug the device from the power supply.
  • Wait for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Plug back the device to the power source.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port.

d. Update Software For Input

If you notice your LG TV keeps losing HDMI signal, it could mean that you need to update the software for inputs on your TV. If the Software is outdated, it could affect the performance of the input ports on your TV. Follow the steps below to update the software for inputs on your TV.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your TV.
  • Click on ‘Support’
  • Select ‘Software Update’ from the options.
  • Select ‘Update now’ to start the updating process.

e. Change The Motherboard

It is best to get a technician to handle this, but you can follow the steps below to change the Motherboard.

  • Remove the screws on the back panel of your TV.
  • Unplug the connectors and cables from the mainboard
  • Remove the screws holding the board to the TV wall.
  • Place the replacement board in position.
  • Screw in the new board to the panel
  • Reconnect the connectors and cables you removed earlier
  • Cover the back panel.

f. Contact Customer Service

The final option is to contact LG customer care to help fix the issue. They may require you to return the TV to fix the issue. Don’t try fixing the motherboard if you’re to reach out to Customer service.