Netflix Not Working On Wifi But Working On Mobile Data

Netflix is a platform that requires a high-speed and stable internet connection to stream. You can stream Netflix content using your mobile data or via a wireless Wi-Fi network. 

If you are having problems streaming Netflix on Wi-Fi, then this post is for you. In this post, you will understand why your Netflix app is not working on Wi-Fi but working on mobile data. Finally, tips on how to fix the issue can be found in the latter part of this post. 

But in a nutshell, if you are having problems connecting to Netflix on a Wi-Fi network, it’s not necessarily a network problem. It could be a problem with the app or your device.

Why Netflix Is Not Working On Wi-Fi But Working On Mobile Data

Several issues can cause your Netflix app to stop working on Wi-Fi wireless networks. But below are some common reasons why it happens:

. Bug on the app

One common reason your Netflix app isn’t working on Wi-Fi could be as a result of bugs on the app. Especially if you’ve not updated the app in a long time. Netflix updates its app periodically and adds more features to each updated version. 

If you are still using an old version of the Netflix app, you will experience issues streaming on the app, including glitches while streaming via a wireless network. 

. General Outage

It could be that there is a general outage on Netflix. This rarely happens but it still happens from time to time. If it’s a general outage issue, you won’t be able to stream via mobile data either. 

. Issue With Home Network

Also, the problem could be from your home network, especially from the settings. Tips as basic as rebooting the router or switching to a new frequency can solve the issue. 

. Data Throttling 

Netflix is an app that requires high data usage to stream. For instance, it takes 3GB of data to stream an hour of Full HD video on Netflix and 7GB to stream the same content in 4k Ultra HD. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) place a limit on the amount of bandwidth a customer can use in a month, depending on the customer’s data plan. If you’ve exhausted your data cap for the month, the ISP will throttle your data usage. 

Ways To Fix Netflix Not Working On Wi-Fi But Working On Mobile Data

. Check For Data Balance & Data Throttling

First, you have to make sure your mobile device is connected to the wireless network and the network is stable. If the device is connected and you are still having issues streaming on Netflix, then you need to check your data balance. 

Different ISPs have their unique ways of checking data bundle usage and balance. But for most, you can check your data balance on your admin profile page. 

If you’ve exhausted your monthly bandwidth, the only option is to subscribe to another data plan. 

. Check For Netflix Outage

From time to time, Netflix doesn’t have a general outage issue. To check if the issue is an outage issue, check this Netflix page. If there is no outage, you will see ‘Netflix is Online’. If not, Netflix will update the page. All you have to do is chill and wait for them to fix the issue. 

. Change Router Frequency

If you are connected to a router’s wireless network, then changing the frequency can solve the issue. Most routers have two frequency bands, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz frequency has a better network penetration.

Check the frequency on your router and switch to 2.4GHz. Also, remove the settings from auto settings. Check the video below to complete the process. 

. Check Error Code

If you get an error code when you try streaming Netflix via Wi-Fi, then it’s a good thing. You can check the error code on Netflix Help Page to find tips to fix the issue. Visit Netflix Help Page, on the search bar, enter the error code you see on your screen. Follow the instructions on the page to fix the issue. 

. Update Mobile Device 

Also, make sure you update your mobile device. That includes updating the time and date on your smartphone. Also, ensure your device is running on the latest firmware version. These are minor issues that can lead to Wi-Fi connection issues. After updating them, try connecting to the wireless network again. 

. Restart Home Network

It could be that your smartphone is not picking the Wi-Fi from your router. This will affect the functionality of apps on your smartphone. You can troubleshoot this by restarting your router. 

Remove the power cord on your router. Wait for 30 seconds and plug back the power cord. Allow your router to reboot and try connecting to the network. 

. Re-install Netflix App

Another option is to reinstall especially if you have not updated the site in a while. Uninstall the Netflix app. Visit the app store, download and install the app again. Log into your account and try connecting again. 

. Contact Netflix Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the tips outlined here so far and your Netflix isn’t still connecting on Wi-Fi, it’s time to contact Netflix customer support. Contact Netflix customer support via 1-866-579-7172. Or via the Netflix Help Center


So far, we’ve outlined some of the reasons your Netflix app isn’t working on Wi-Fi and tips to fix the issue. If none of the tips worked, contact the tech support team on Netflix to help sort out the issue.