Onn TV Won’t Turn On: 3 Quick Tips To Fix It

For you to be checking out this post, it means you are having issues with your Onn TV. There are a number of reasons why your Onn TV won’t turn on. Most times, you just need to follow simple troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. These tips are as basic as checking the batteries in your remote control.

This post outlines some tips to help you fix your Onn TV that won’t turn on. These are basic steps you can do yourself. You don’t need any tech skill to handle any of them.

Steps to Fix Onn TV Won’t Turn On Issue

1.  Remote Control Issues

The remote control can be one reason why your TV won’t turn on. First, you need to check the battery compartment to make sure the batteries are properly fixed. Ensure the place marked + on the battery is attached to the + side of the battery compartment.

Secondly, if you are using a universal remote control, makes sure you have programmed the remote to your TV the right way. We will be posting a tutorial on that shortly. Note that to complete the programming steps, you need the Onn universal remote codes.

Finally, ensure that there are no objects obstructing your remote from your TV. This can prevent your remote from working on your TV. Also, you need to hold the remote control close enough to your TV.

2. Power Source Issue

A problematic power source can be the reason your TV won’t turn on. It is possible that the power source has issues. There are two ways to check if the issue is a power source issue. First, try to plug another device in the same power source. If it powers, then the power source works perfectly. Secondly, try plugging your TV to another power source. If it turns on, then the initial power source is definitely faulty.

3. Reset Issue

Failure to reset your TV when there is a need for it can cause the TV not to turn on when needed. To reset your TV, unplug your TV from the power supply. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Plug back to power source and turn on your TV. In most cases, this tips alone will fix your TV to work again.

There is another way to reset your TV while turned off. Plug in the TV to power source while turned off. Hold your remote control close to your TV and press the ‘Power’ button twice. Plug back into power source and turn on your TV.

Onn TV Won’t Turn On But The Red Light Is On

When the red light is on but your TV won’t turn on, it is most likely a remote control issue. Check the battery compartment to ensure the batteries are properly fixed.

How To Fix Stuck TV in Picture Mode on Onn TV

If your TV is stuck on picture mode, follow these easy tips to fix the issue. First, turn off your TV. Hold your remote control close to your TV. Press and hold the ‘Menu’ and ‘Power’ buttons simultaneously. Your TV will turn on normally and be out of the picture mode.