8 Hacks To Fix Optimum Altice One Remote Blinking

Altice One by Optimum is a cable TV and internet service provider. The Optimum TV service is known for its great coverage and cool features. Unlike other Cable TV providers that send basic equipment for their set up, Altice One uses smart home entertainment equipment.

For instance, their Smart remote control comes with an in-built Bluetooth technology. This means you don’t have to point towards the Altice one box for it to work. The remote control works even if the box is out of sight.

Also, the smart remote control comes with a voice control that allows you to navigate the remote control with just voice commands.

If your Altice One Remote is blinking, this post is for you. You will find out why your smart remote is blinking and easy hacks to fix the remote control in no time.

Why Is My Altice One Remote Blinking?

If your Altice One remote is blinking, it’s an indication that it has lost pairing with the Altice box. So, the remote control has switched back to pairing mode. If not fixed, it can cause a slow response or no response at all.

Several reasons can cause your Altice one remote to start blinking. For instance, it could be software malware that keeps unpairing the remote control. Other issues like low battery, incorrect pairing mode result in this issue too. Continue reading to find out simple hacks to fix the issue.

Ways To Fix The Altice One Remote Blinking Issue

Hack 1. Press The 7 and 9 Buttons

This is a quick troubleshooting tip to fix the remote control. Pressing the 7 and 9 buttons on the remote simultaneously for a couple of seconds most times can fix the blinking issue. What happens when you press the buttons is that it switches the remote control from pairing mode to normal control mode.

When your remote control starts to blink, check the Settings option> Preferences> Pair Remote Control> Press the 7 and 9 buttons together.

Hack 2. Check The Remote Battery

If you’ve tried the first hack and the remote continues to blink, check the batteries. We mentioned earlier that your remote-control blinking could be an indication of low battery. When the battery is low, the remote control disconnects from the Altice box and enters pairing mode, the remote will start blinking at intervals.

To fix this, simply swap the current batteries on the remote with a new pair. It’s advisable to use normal batteries instead of rechargeable batteries on your smart remote control.

After changing the batteries, pair the remote control again to get it working. The steps to pair the remote control are outlined in the latter part of this post.  

Hack 3. Check The Bluetooth

The Altice One remote is a smart remote control that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit signals. This means that you can point the remote away from the receiver and it will still work.

An issue with the Bluetooth connection will cause the remote to enter pairing mode. This can happen during or after you’ve paired the remote.

To fix the Bluetooth connection issue, simply remove the batteries from the Altice one remote. Wait for 30 seconds and insert the batteries again. Pair the remote control to the receiver and try again.

Hack 4. Power Cycle Your Altice Box

It could be that your Altice box is in an unresponsive state or hanging, and the way to fix it is to power cycle the receiver. To power cycle, your Altice box simply means to turn it off and on again. Power cycling helps to reinitialize the configuration settings on your Altice box.

To power cycle your Altice box, Unplug the Altice box’s power cord from the power supply> Wait for two minutes> Plug back the power cord> Turn on your Altice box.

During the process, your Altice one remote will disconnect and reconnect again when you plug back the Altice box. The process will remove the remote from pairing mode to normal control mode.

Hack 5. Pair The Altice One Remote To Box Again

If you’ve tried all the hacks above and the remote light is still blinking, you have to pair the remote control again to the TV box. The pairing process is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

Pair Altice One Remote To Altice One Box

a. Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control.

b. Go to ‘Settings’ from the option on your TV screen.

c. Select ‘Preference’ and ‘Pair Remote to Altice One’ to start the pairing process.

d. Press and hold down the 7 and 9 buttons on your remote simultaneously for a couple of seconds.

e. After the remote control has successfully paired, you will see the ‘Pairing Complete’ message on your TV.

Hack 6. Factory Reset Your TV Box

Factory resetting your Altice box should be the last troubleshooting option to try. Note that factory reset will clear all prior saved data on your Altice box. So, you will need to complete the configuration process again after the factory reset process is complete. Follow the steps below to

Factory Reset Altice Box

a. Check the back of the Altice box to find the reset button.

b. Press and hold the ‘Reset button’ for 15 seconds.

c. Release the reset button after the links on your Altice one box blinks and the box turns on.

d. Follow the pairing steps listed earlier to pair the remote again to the Altice box.

Hack 7. Order For A Replacement Remote Control

If you’ve tried all the hacks mentioned earlier and the remote control is still blinking, it could be that the remote is damaged. The best option is to order a replacement remote control.

Contact Optimum via their website and order a replacement remote. You may have to explain the issue you’re having with your current Altice one remote for them to send you a replacement remote.

Hack 8. Visit Optimum Store Near You

Optimum has local stores in several locations. Each store location has qualified service technicians who can diagnose and fix issues with Optimum equipment. If you’re having issues with the Altice box or remote control, you can simply take it to any of the Optimum stores near you and get it fixed.

Use the Optimum store locator here to find the Optimum store closest to you. Take both the remote control and TV box along with it. They may end up giving you a replacement for the ones returned.

Have you tried any of the tips here, which one worked for you?