How To Play Five Crowns: Five Crown Rules

About Five Crowns Game Five crowns is a rummy-like game. In the game, players try to combine cards of the same suit in sequential order or cards of the same rank irrespective of the suit. The game is played in rounds with scores awarded to players at the end of each round. At the end … Read more

How To Play Greed Dice Game: Greed Game Rules

Overview Greed is an easy to play dice game. Players roll dice to earn points. The target is to score 10,000 points or more. To play the game, all you need is six dice, a score sheet for tracking scores, and either a pen or pencil. The game is called Greed because players can get … Read more

How To Play Boggle: Boggle Game Rules

Overview If you are good with forming words from letter sets, then you will find Boggle very interesting. The game involves players creating words from a random assortment of letters within a three-minute duration. The game has simple rules that make it easy to learn and play. It is suitable for players aged 8 and … Read more

How To Play Jenga: Jenga Game Rules

Overview Jenga is fun to play game of skill and strategy. First, a tower is built using 54 wooden blocks. After this, players take turns to remove a piece each from the tower per turn and then stack the removed piece on the top of the tower without collapsing the entire structure. The last player … Read more

How To Play Operation: Operation Game Rules

Overview Operation is a dexterity game for youngsters from age 6 upwards. The game tests players’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Players take turns to draw a card and then carry out the operation stated on the card on a plastic patient called Cavity Sam. A player who operates successfully earns a fee. The … Read more