How To Play Uno Flip: Uno Flip Rules

Overview UNO Flip is a card game played similarly to the original UNO but with a flip element added. There are two sides to the card deck in UNO Flip and both sides can be used in play. One side of UNO Flip cards is light, while the other is dark. Play starts on the … Read more

How To Play Parcheesi: Parcheesi Rules

Overview Parcheesi is a board game that is played similarly to the popular Ludo game but the rules are different. The game is fun and can be played by 2 to 4 players. The players move their pawns around on the board to win the game. The first player to successfully move all their four … Read more

How To Play Monopoly Junior: Monopoly Junior Rules

Overview Monopoly Junior is the children’s version of the classic monopoly game. The objective of the game remains the same, The monopoly junior game board features amusement park ticket booths instead of properties, hotels and houses featured on the classic version board. It also uses smaller denomination cash. Players win cash from the board while … Read more