5 Ways To Fix Phone Rings Once Then Goes To Voicemail

Have you tried calling a cell phone number and the phone rings once and then goes to voicemail? When this happens, most people conclude that the person on the other line has blocked their number. Yes, the person on the other line blocking your number can cause the phone to ring just once and then go to voicemail. But that is not always the case.

In this post, you will understand other reasons why your call is going to voicemail after ringing once. You will also find out tips to fix the issue from both your end and the other person’s end. Because most times, the issue may be from your end.

Why Doesn’t Phone Ring Once Then Goes To Voicemail?

There are several reasons why your call will go to voicemail after ringing once. Some of the common reasons include the following:

a. Your Number Has Been Blocked

Most times, this could be the reason, but not always. It could be that the person you’re calling blocked your number unintentionally or even intentionally. When a number is barred or blocked, calls from that particular number won’t go through. Rather, the number you called will ring just once then go to voicemail.

How To Tell If Your Number Has Been Blocked?

One quick way to know your number has been blocked is that the phone will ring once and your call will be redirected to voicemail. For some cell phone carriers, you will get the automated message ‘The number you’re calling is unavailable.’

If the phone doesn’t ring at all, it means the recipient’s phone battery is dead. It could be that the recipient is in a location with no cellphone signal.

b. Recipient’s Phone In Airplane Mode

Some people tend to put their phones in airplane mode when they don’t want to be disturbed. It could be that the person is in a meeting or at work. If the number If the recipient’s phone is on airplane mode, your call will be redirected to voicemail.

c. Weak Cellular Coverage

If the recipient you’re trying to call is in a location with weak or no cellular coverage or signal, the call might ring just once and redirect to voicemail. Likewise, if you’re in an area with weak cellular coverage, any incoming call to your cell phone will be redirected to your voicemail. Wait a couple of minutes and try calling back the number. If it’s a coverage issue, the call will go through when you call back.

D. General Coverage Issue

If the cellular network provider is carrying out maintenance or there is an outage in the location, all calls will be redirected to voicemail after the first ring. To confirm this, visit the carrier’s official website or social media handle for maintenance alerts or outage news.

E. Do Not Disturb Mode Activated

Another reason your call is redirected to voicemail could be that the recipient activated the ‘Do No Disturb Mode’ on his or her phone. This happens in both iPhone and Android phones.

What To Do When Phone Rings Once Then Goes To Voicemail

a. Find An Alternative Way To Reach Recipient

If you suspect that the recipient mistakenly blocked your number, reach out via an alternative way. For instance, you can send an email to explain the situation to the recipient.

Please, if the recipient blocked you because of your wrongful behavior, don’t reach out. That makes you look weird. And nobody wants to deal with a weird person.

b. Restart Your Phone

If you’re sure your number wasn’t blocked by the recipient, restart your phone. Once in a while, some smartphones develop minor glitches. These glitches can affect the functionality of the phone. Restarting your phone is one quick way to fix the issue. Simply turn off your phone. Wait for 30 seconds and restart your phone. Try dialing the number again.

c. Check Your Blocked Number List

If it’s someone else that is trying to call your number and the person’s number keeps redirecting to voicemail. It could be that the person’s number is blocked on your cell. Check your blocked number list for the number. Delete the person’s number from the list and ask the person to dial your number again.

d. Update Your Cell Phone

An outdated Firmware or Operating System OS can cause your calls to get redirected to voicemail. If you’ve not updated your phone in a long while, now is the time to update. 

Some phones automatically start the update process once your phone is connected to a wireless network. While you have to manually activate the update function on other phones. Follow the steps below to complete the update process on your Android phone.

. Ensure your phone is connected to a wireless network.

. Go to ‘Settings’.

. Tap on the ‘About Phone option.

. Tap on ‘Check for Updates.

. If there is a new update available, tap on the update to install. For some phones, you will find the ‘Reboot and install’ option.

e. Check For Network Outage

 If you’ve tried all the options mentioned so far and nothing has worked, it could be a network outage issue. Try calling people using the same cellular carrier in the same location with the recipient.

If their calls aren’t connecting too, it means there is a network outage issue in the location. Visit the carrier’s social media handle for updates on the location.


Finally, it could be an error from your end. Call your network carrier on their customer support line and report the issue.