Pitty Pat Card Game Rules

One of the simplest card games ever created. Equipped with simple rules, it allows for interaction and social bonding between players. This recreational activity can be played by both young and old players alike. Because of its easy nature, this game can be used to introduce new players or enthusiasts to the different card games available.

Objective of the game

The aim of the game is to entirely exhaust the cards in one’s hand, dealt to him. The first plus player to do this, wins the game.

Number of players

The minimum number of players per game is two while the least maximum people is four in total. For more to join, the card numbers will have to be increased. This however, prolongs the length of the game.

Equipment of the game

A deck of cards numbering 52 in number. This is the only equipment to be provided for, exception to a playing surface area such as a table.

Setting up of the game

The playing area must be selected with themselves, to accommodate all the players in the game.

Rules/How the game is played

Before the game can start, a dealer is chosen to share the cards to the players; including himself. With the process complete, the cards left become the stockpile. The first card on that pile is taken and kept aside to form the discard pile. With this done, the player by the left-hand side of the dealer begins the game, clockwise.

On a player’s turn, the card on hand should pair with the one in the discard pile, before throwing in a random card. The next player has to repeat the process, however, if he does not have a card to pair up with the discard pile, a new card will be retrieved from the stockpile.

If this does result in a pair, then it is played but if there is no corresponding match on hand, then his turn is forfeit and the next player gets to play. This continues till a player exhausts the entire hand, who is then declared the winner of the game.

Winning the game

The pitty pat card game requires a player to exhaust all cards on hand in order to claim victory. Doing this requires wit and intuition, in order to fully adapt to the probability that comes with the game. Making the right moves with a bit of game luck will grant you a win.