How to Reset Element TV Without Remote

There could be a couple of reasons why you want to reset your Element TV. It could be that you want to sell or give out the TV. Whatever reason it is, resetting your Element TV seems like a better option. There are two ways you can reset your TV. They include with and without a remote control. Most people prefer to reset with remote control because the process is straightforward.

What if for some reasons, you don’t have your Element remote handy. Your options are either to sync a universal remote control to your Element TV and use it for the resetting process. The other option is to reset your TV without a remote control. This post got you covered in all the options available for you.

How to Program an Element TV Without Remote (Old TV Model)

The old Element TV model doesn’t come with the external reset button. So, the process of resetting the old TV model is different from newer models. Follow the steps below.

  • Turn on the Element TV your want to reset.
  • Unplug the TV wire from the AC wall socket.
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes (the longer you wait, the better).
  • Re-plug the wire. Your TV automatically resets at this point.

How to Program an Element TV Without Remote (New TV Model)

  • Turn on your TV
  • Check the back of your TV, on the left side, you will find a small button with ‘RESET’ written beside it. Find a pen, broom, or any other object that can fit into the button.
  • Press the button until your TV turns off and turns on again.

How to Program a Universal Remote To An Element TV

We mentioned earlier that one of the options available is to program element TV to a universal remote control. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Step 1. Get the Universal remote code for Element TV. The code can be found in your universal remote manual. Check this website too for the code.

Step 2. Press the ‘SETUP’ button on your remote. Hold the button until the LED light on your remote turns green.

Step 3. Press the ‘TV’ button. If you want to program another device like a DVD player, you press the ‘DVD’ button.

Step 3. Key in the universal remote codes you got from earlier. Use the number buttons on your remote to do this.

Step 4. The red light on your remote will turn off when you get the correct code. Press any function key on your remote to test the process. For instance, try the Vol+ button. If it works, it means you got the process right. If it didn’t, repeat the process starting from step 2. Follow the steps below to reset with a remote.

After you sync your universal remote to your TV, follow the steps here to complete the reset process using a remote control.

Step 1. Turn on the TV you want to program.

Step 2. Go to the home page and choose ‘SETTINGS’ from the options on the page.

Step 3. Press the ‘Right Button’ and choose ‘SYSTEM’ from the options on the list.

Step 4. Press the ‘Right Button’ again and choose ‘ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS’ from the options.

Step 5. Press the ‘Right Button’ one final time. There are two options there, first is ‘Reset TV Audio/Picture settings. The second is ‘Factory Reset Everything’.  Click on ‘FACTORY RESET EVERYTHING’ if you want your TV to go back to its default factory reset.

Step 6. Key in the code you see on the right side of your screen. Press ‘OK’.


So far, different methods for resetting your Element TV has been outlined in detail in this post. Note that, factory reset will delete all your settings on the TV. Meaning that you have to input all settings from scratch.