5 Tips To Fix Samsung Smart View No TV Found

There are many Smart TV brands out there, but Samsung remains one of the best brands. This is because of the many features and functionalities that come with most Samsung Smart TVs. Little wonder the brand remains a top choice for many consumers. 

One of the cool features that come with the Samsung smart TV is the Smart View. Samsung smart views allow you to mirror contents on your smartphone and laptop on your TV. You can stream pictures, music, and videos from your mobile phone to your Samsung smart TV. Note that you cannot mirror Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected contents via Smart view. 

Also, with the Smart View app, you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your Samsung TV. 

All you need to do is to download and install the app from the mobile app store and connect the app to your TV. 

If you have downloaded, installed, and connected your Smart view app and you are getting the ‘No TV Found’ error, this post is for you. You will find out why you are getting the error and ways to fix the error in real-time. 

Why Is My Smart View Not Finding My Samsung Smart TV?

There are several reasons why you are getting the No TV found error on Smart view. Below are some of the common issues:

a. Network Issue

To successfully set up the Smart view, your smartphone and your Samsung Smart TV must be connected to the same network. If you have multiple wireless networks in your home and you connect your smartphone and TV to different networks, you will have this error. 

b. Outdated TV Software

The Samsung Smart TV is powered by software. From time to time, Samsung releases software updates. The software updates come with new features and fix bugs from the old versions.

 If you’ve not updated the software on your TV in a while, it will affect some features and functionalities on your TV. That includes the screen mirroring feature. 

c. Incorrect Aspect Ratio On Device

If the aspect ratio settings on your tablet or phone don’t match the one on your Samsung smart TV, it may affect the screen mirroring process. The way to fix this issue is to adjust the aspect ratio on your device. Check the steps to adjust the aspect ratio on your device below. 

Tips To Fix Samsung Smart View No TV Found

a. Check Wireless Wireless Network

First, you have to make sure your Samsung Smart TV and smartphone or tablet are connected to wireless internet. Ensure that both the TV and smart device are connected to the same wireless network. After that, refresh the smart view app and try connecting to your smart TV.  

b. Update Samsung TV Software

Check for new software updates on your TV and make sure your TV is running on the latest version. There are two ways to update Software on Samsung smart TVs. You can update via the internet or using a USB. We will cover both methods below. 

Update Samsung Smart TV Software Via Internet

  • Connect your TV to a wireless network. 
  • Press ‘Settings’ on your remote and select ‘Support’ from the options. 
  • Select ‘Software Update’. If there is a new software version available, you will see the ‘Update Now’ and ‘Auto Update’ options available. 
  • Click on ‘Auto Now’. Wait for the update to complete. 

Update Samsung Smart TV Software Using USB

  • Visit the Samsung Site on your laptop.
  • Enter your TV’s model number. It will open the support page for your product model.
  • Find the firmware file and download the newest version to your computer. 
  • The file comes as a Zip file. Unzip the file.
  • Insert a USB flash drive in your laptop, copy and paste the unzipped file in a folder on the USB drive. 
  • Insert the USB drive on your TV using the USB port. 
  • Press ‘Settings’ on your remote and select ‘Support’ from the options. 
  • Select ‘Software Update’. 
  • Click on ‘Auto Now’. Wait for the update to complete. 

c. Update The Smart View App

The problem may be from the app itself. Uninstall the app from your device. Download and install the app again from the app store. Try connecting to your TV. 

d. Allow Permission On Your Device

You need to permit your smart view app to sync with your smart tv. To do this, open the Smart View app, and tap on your TV name. You will be prompted to allow the connection. Select ‘Allow’ on your TV to complete the process. 

e. Check Aspect Ratio Setting On Your Device

Sometimes, the image on your smartphone may look small on your Smart TV. To fix this, adjust the aspect ratio setting on your phone. Open the Smart view app, and click on the ‘Phone or Tablet Aspect ratio’ option. Select the settings for your mobile phone. 


So far, the tips on how to fix the no TV found error on the Smart view app have been outlined in this post. Before trying any of the tips here, you can try restarting your TV first.