How To Tell If Your Smart Tv Has Been Hacked

The truth is that any smart device that can be connected to the internet can be hacked. Hackers are getting smarter in their skills and coming up with dangerous malware to target their victims.

Just like any other smart device, a Smart TV can be hacked. If any of the devices connected to your wireless network has been hacked, your Smart TV may have been compromised too. Hold on, there is no need to panic just yet.

In this post, you will learn signs to know that your Smart TV has been hacked. You will also understand some tips on how to prevent your smart TV from getting hacked and what to do if your TV has been hacked.

How To Know Your Smart TV Has Been Hacked

There are several ways to know that your Smart TV has been hacked. Below are some of the telltale signs that your Smart TV has been hacked.

a. Locked Screen

If your TV screen is locked, and you see a message requesting you to make a payment to an unknown account to unlock your tv. That’s a telltale sign your TV has been hacked. For some people, it can be a blackmail message of some suspicious materials found on their TV and a payment request. 

b. Automatic Change Of Channels and Volume

If your TV starts to flip from one channel or program to another automatically without your control, it could be a sign that your TV has been compromised. Same thing with TV volume. If the volume turns up and low without your control, it’s a sign that someone elsewhere has gained access to your TV control.

c. Random App Download

When random apps start downloading automatically on your TV. or you turn on your TV to see new apps you didn’t download; it shows your TV has been hacked.

d. Viewed Apps

Finally, if apps you’ve not viewed for a while start showing as viewed recently, it shows your Smart TV has been compromised.

What To Do If Your Smart TV Has Been Hacked

It’s best to take steps to prevent your Smart TV from being hacked in the first place. But, if unfortunately, you notice your Smart TV has been hacked, you can apply any of the tips below to rectify the situation:

a. Uninstall Unknown Apps

It could be that the malware entered your Smart TV from an app you downloaded. First, uninstall and delete all recently downloaded apps on your smart TV, especially unknown apps. Removing the affected apps should fix the issue. If this doesn’t fix the issue, try the other tips below.

b. Factory Reset Your TV

The first thing to do is to factory reset your smart TV. This process will erase all data saved before now on your smart TV including the malware data. This means you have to configure your TV from scratch after the process. The factory reset process depends on your TV brand.

Factory Reset Samsung TV

. Hold your remote close to your TV and press the ‘Menu’ button.

. Scroll down the menu to ‘Select’ and press ‘Enter’.

. Select ‘Self Diagnosis’ and press ‘Enter’

. Scroll down and select ‘Reset’ from the option.

. Enter your ‘PIN’ and press ‘Yes’ to confirm the process. The default PIN code is 0000

Factory Reset LG TV

. Hold your remote close to your TV and press the ‘Home/Smart’ button.

. Choose the ‘Settings’ option on your home screen.

. Scroll down and select ‘All Settings’ and ‘General’

. Select ‘Reset’ and ‘OK’ to start the process.

c. Contact Tech Support

If your TV screen has been locked, you can’t perform any of the troubleshooting tips above. The best option is to contact your TV manufacturer’s tech support team. Request for a factory reset option without a remote. The tech support agent will guide you through the process.

How To Prevent Your Smart TV From Being Hacked

We mentioned earlier that it’s best to take preventive measures to protect your Smart TV from being hacked. These are some of the steps you can take to keep your Smart TV away from being a target for hackers.

a. Secure Your Network

There are several ways to protect your internet network and in turn, protect your smart TV. First, you can opt for a wired network connection instead of a wireless connection. Wireless connections are easier to hack, which makes it not safe for your smart TV. If you have the option, choose a wired internet connection.

Also, always protect your router. You can protect your router by using a strong password combination, using the WAP3 option. Always disconnect your Wi-Fi network when it’s not in use. Leaving it on will make it a target for hackers.

b. Opt For Only Trusted Apps

Avoid any app that looks suspicious. Download only trusted apps. Always check for reviews online before you download any app. Also, avoid clicking on folders and links that look strange.

c. Update Firmware Regularly

Firmware is the software that controls the hardware of your smart TV. Manufacturers release regular firmware updates. Always make sure that your TV firmware cum operating system is up to date. This will minimize the risk of your smart TV getting hacked.

d. Secure With Password

Always use a strong password code when setting up your TV password. It’s best to use a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols for your password. For some TV brands, the password can only be a four digits code. Avoid using codes of popular dates like your birthday as a password.


Smart TVs being vulnerable to hacking is not a reason to avoid getting one. You will be missing out on many cool and upgraded features you enjoy by using a smart TV. The best option is to take steps to protect your smart TV from hackers. We have listed some tips to do that in this post. If unluckily, your smart TV gets hacked, this post has also outlined some tips to apply to rectify the situation.