Sorry Fire and Ice Game Rules

About Sorry Fire and Ice Game

If you enjoy playing the ‘Sorry’ game, you should try out the Sorry Fire and Ice edition of the game. The Sorry Fire and Ice game is a slight variation of the original sorry game. Most of the rules of the sorry game can be applied here in addition to some new rules to add to the fun. This new edition comes with the Ice and Power tokens that give pawns more powers in the game. If you haven’t played the original Sorry game, you should check it out. The knowledge of the original game will help you understand this new edition of the game better.

Differences Between Original Sorry and Fire and Ice Edition Game Rules

These are the main differences in the game rules you will notice between the two games:

. You need a board to play the Fire and Ice edition of the game.

. In the Fire and Ice edition, each player gets three pawns, while in the original game, each player games four pawns of the same color.

. In the original game, you can use the ‘Sorry’ card to advance four paces ahead. That is when the player is sure there is no pawn to be bumped on the way. This can’t apply to this new edition.

. In this Fire and Ice edition, a player can move out of the home with any card except the number four card. While in the original Sorry game, the player can only start with either number one or two cards.

. A player can no longer draw another card with card number two. Instead, the player gets the first token. This was possible in the original Sorry edition.

. A player that draws card number four in the Fire and Ice edition is expected to move backward four spaces.

Slight Variation of the New Sorry Fire and Ice Game Card Value

As mentioned above, this game shares almost the same element as the original sorry game. But there are some slight variations in this game. The variation can be seen in the card value. The card number one and two is where the difference comes in.

Card One (Ice Token)

With the card one, the player moves the ice token and then move one space forward. You can move the ice token from its position to an opponent’s pawn. The exceptions are pawns in the safety zone, start, or home. When there is no opponent’s pawn available, the rule is to drop your token to the middle of the board game.

What to do with the Ice Token?

The ice token is there to stop pawns with ice token on them from moving. A player can’t be sent back to the start, swapped or bumped in the process.

Card Two (Fire Token)

With the card one, the player moves the fire token and then move two spaces forward. You can move the fire token from its position to your other pawns on the board.

What to do with the Fire Token?

The fire token doubles the power of a pawn and helps the pawn move faster. The board has four fire spaces and a player can move to the next fire space before drawing a card on his turn. Note that the player has to follow instructions when moving the fire token.

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