4 Ways To Get Spectrum Installation Fees Waived

Spectrum offers high-quality internet and TV services to subscribers. The good thing about using any of the Spectrum TV or internet services is that it’s quite affordable when compared to similar providers. Besides the standard for spectrum’s TV and internet plans, there are some hidden fees you need to know. One of those is the installation fee.

Although the Spectrum installation fee is a one-time payment, if you’re like most people, you will rather not pay for it. Can’t the Spectrum installation fees be waived? Spectrum doesn’t waive the installation fee. But there are tips you can apply to either reduce the amount or get a total waiver. This post outlines some possible ways to get the Spectrum installation fees waived.

How Much Does Spectrum Installation Fees Cost?

As a new subscriber, you are required to pay $49.99 as a Spectrum installation fee. This amount is a one-time payment. When compared to the installation fee of other cable service providers, the Spectrum installation fee is fairly affordable.

Why Does Spectrum Charge An Installation Fee?

Spectrum hasn’t released any official statement on why it charges the installation fee for first-time users. But we assume that the installation fee covers the basic kit cost and payment for the technician that will visit your home to set up the spectrum service.

4 Possible Ways To Get Spectrum Installation Fee Waived

These are two possible ways you can reduce or waive the Spectrum installation fee.

a. Option For The Self-Installation Kit

You can get a major discount if you opt to install the spectrum kit personally. With this option, you place an order for the Spectrum kit and have it delivered to you or you pick up the kit from the store. The Self-installation fee is just $9.99. Which means you get to save $40. The self-install kit comes with the following

  • Ethernet Cable
  • Coax Cables
  • Cable box
  • Modem
  • Coax Splitter
  • Spectrum return card
  • Spanish and English Instruction manual.

Following the guide on the instruction manual, you can easily set up the kit at home even if you’re not a tech person. Also, you can follow the guide on this site to complete the process.

b. Free Installation Promo

From time to time, Spectrum offers free installation promos for new subscribers. This means that they offer the installation service free. You can also get the free installation promo when you opt for any of Spectrum’s special packages. For instance, some of the monthly or quarterly plans come with free installation. Go through the Spectrum package pricing page and check for packages with free installation.

c. Contact Customer Representative

Another option is to reach out to any of the Spectrum customer representatives and request a waive. The idea is to give the customer rep reasons why the installation fee should be waived for you. Some people have received a 50% waive from customer representatives. But it also depends on your ability to make the customer rep see the reasons why the installation fee should be waived for you.

d. Reach Out To Retention Department

If you don’t think you’re getting the desired result with the customer representative, you can request to be transferred to the retention department. The retention department representatives are supervisors and can influence decisions like fee waivers because of their higher authority.

Simply ask the customer representative to direct you to the retention department. You must explain to the retention officer why you think you need a waiver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum Do Free Installations?

No. Spectrum doesn’t do free installations. You are required to pay $49.99 which is a one-time fee. Spectrum sends a technician to come handle the installation process for you. On the other hand, you can opt for a self-installation kit which costs $9.99.

Can I Pick Up The Spectrum Self Install Kit?

Yes. When you order a Spectrum self-install kit, you either opt for home delivery or go pick up the kit yourself from a Spectrum store. You have seven days to go pick up the Self-install kit from the Spectrum store in your location.

Why Does Spectrum Charge A Self-installation Fee?

Spectrum hasn’t released an official statement to explain why they charge a fee on self-installation kits. But we assume that they charge the fee to cover the delivery cost of sending the kit to either your home or a nearby Spectrum store.

Is Spectrum Self-Install Easy?

Yes. Spectrum self-install is very easy. The kit comes with an instruction manual that guides you on the entire process. Even if you don’t have technical skills, you can follow the instructions on the manual and set up your kit in no time.