Spectrum Remote Volume Not Working? 5 Tips To Fix It

The Spectrum remote control doubles as a universal remote control. This means that you can sync the remote to multiple devices. It solves the problems of having to switch between remote controls for each entertainment device.

If you’ve paired your Spectrum universal remote to a device and the volume isn’t working, this post is for you. There are several reasons why the remote button on your Spectrum remote won’t work. Something as basic as issues with the remote batteries could be the issue.

In this post, you will see possible reasons why your Spectrum remote volume button isn’t working. For each issue, we provide a quick troubleshooting tip to solve the issue.

Why Is My Spectrum Remote Volume Not Working?

Several reasons can cause your Spectrum volume not to function well. Some of the common issues are Battery placement issues, issues with pairing the remote with the device, and faulty or broken remote buttons. There are other reasons but these are the common ones. Continue below to see easy troubleshooting issues to fix the issue and get your remote volume working again.

Tips To Fix Spectrum Remote Volume Not Working

Fix 1. Battery Issue

The battery compartment is the first place to check if your Spectrum remote is having an issue. It could be that the batteries were not placed well or the batteries need to be replaced.

The Spectrum remote makes use of AA batteries. If it’s a placement issue, check this tutorial on the correct way to place AA batteries in your remote control.

Also, it could be that the batteries are bad. The advanced features that are programmed into the Spectrum remote control require extra battery power. This makes the batteries drain out quickly.

One way to know if the battery is down or bad is if you see wet patches on the batteries. Most times, you won’t see the wet patches. Change the batteries with a new pair and try using the remote again. If it still doesn’t work, try other troubleshooting options below.

Fix 2. Pairing Issue

Another issue could be that your remote control wasn’t paired properly to activate the volume control. You can confirm this by trying to use other function buttons on the remote like the channel buttons.

 If the channel buttons and other function buttons are working and the volume button isn’t working, then you need to pair the remote again. Follow the steps below:

. Switch on the Spectrum Cable Box

. Hold your Spectrum remote close to the Cable box, and press the ‘Menu’ button.

. Scroll to the ‘Setting and Support’ option and press the ‘Ok’ button on your remote to confirm.

. From the new options, select ‘Remote icon’ and press ‘Ok’ button.

. Choose ‘Connect Remote To TV’, select your TV brand from the TV options and press ‘OK’.

. Select ‘View All’ to see more brands, if your TV brand doesn’t appear on the brand lists. Select your TV brand and press ‘OK’.

. You will find instructions to complete the pairing process, follow the instructions. Once you finish, your remote volume button will be activated.

Fix 3. Power Cycle The Device

Another reason why your Spectrum volume button won’t work could be that your TV isn’t getting a signal from the remote. In this case, power cycling the device comes in handy.

Power cycling has to do with turning off the device from the power switch and turning it back again. The purpose is to recover your device from an unresponsive state or to initiate its configurations. Follow the steps below to power cycle your device.

. Remove your TV and other connected devices from the power source.

. Take out the batteries on your Spectrum remote.

. Allow your device to sit for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, press all the buttons on your remote control.

. Plug back the devices in the power source. Reconnect the devices. Replace the batteries in the remote and try using your remote again.


Fix 4. Perform a Factory Reset On Your Remote

If you’ve paired the remote volume button and carried out a power cycle and your remote won’t work, it’s time to bring in the big goons. The first is to factory reset the remote control. Note that you will lose the previous settings after factory resetting your remote control. That means you need to reset the remote control again.

Also, ensure you jot down your accounts’ usernames and passwords before the factory reset. You will need to enter the details again to access your accounts. Check below for the complete steps to factory reset your Spectrum remote control:

. Find the ‘TV’ button on your remote control. Press and hold the button for a couple of seconds.

. Press and hold the OK/SEL button for a couple of seconds. Release the buttons at once. The tiny LED light on the TV button will turn on.

. Press and hold down the ‘Delete’ button. The TV button LED light will flash a couple of times and turn off.

Fix 5. Pair With RF to IR Converter

 To pair the remote again to your device, you have to repair the RF remote to IF. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

. Remove the RF to IR Converter from the Set-top box. You will find this on top of the box.

. Press the ‘Find’ button.

. While pressing the button, replace the RF to IR converter back to the set-up box.

. Hold your remote close to the Set-up box, press and button, and press the FIND button on the converter again.

Fix 6. Switch From Cable to TV

If you’ve tried other troubleshooting tips listed earlier and it still doesn’t work, this is the final resort to try. It could be that the problem is from the set-up box and not your Spectrum remote. You have to bypass the cable to your TV. Follow the process below to complete the process.

. Find the ‘CBL’ button on your Spectrum remote, Press and hold the button for a couple of seconds.

. Press the SEL or OK buttons while holding down the CBL button.

. Release the two buttons at once.

. Press the Volume button twice and then the TV button.

The LED light on the CBL button will flash twice and turn off to complete the process. At this point, your remote will bypass your Cable to target your TV.


So far, six tips to troubleshoot your Spectrum remote control have been outlined. If one tip doesn’t work, try the next one until you find the solution for the volume issue on your remote.

If you’ve tried all and none worked, your final option is to reach out to the Spectrum Support team. You can either call an assistant or chat with them online. They should be able to help you work through the issue. You can order a Replacement Remote on Amazon