How To Play Speed (Card Game): Speed Card Game Rules

If you are low-key an adrenalin junky and you need a very fast-paced card game that will get you all pumped, then the Speed Card Game is for you.


As the name implies, speed matters a lot in the Speed card game. The idea is to exhaust one’s card faster than the other player. This game is mostly played by two players. The Speed Game Rules, details on how to play the Speed game and many more are explained in detail in this post.


The objective of this game is to be the first player to exhaust the card stack of 20 cards.

The Speed Game Rules

These are some of the basic rules in the Speed game.

  • A player is allowed to hold more than 5 cards at a time. So, it doesn’t matter if a player decides to hold his or her entire pile of cards.
  • A player can only play a card at a time in the middle stack.

Number of Players

There are usually just two players in the Speed game. The players are given an equal number of cards for the game.


  • The Deck of cards (the deck is made up of 52 cards).
  • Enough space to contain the two players
  • A flat table or surface.

Setting Up The Speed Card Game

As mentioned earlier, the game is between two players. To setup, the game, two sets of cards are placed in the middle of the table. Then 20 cards are dealt equally between the players in two piles. The first pile contains 15 cards placed on either side of the two sets. While the other pile has 5 cards. The players start dealing from the 5 cards first.

How To Play Speed Card Game

To play the game, each player is to turn up the cards in the middle. After that, the players will each pick up the five cards on the side and start playing. The cards placed in the center pile must be one number greater or lower than the number on the top card on the pile. Players don’t take turns to play the game. So speed matters here. The player gets to pick up a card from the 15 cards once one of the cards the player is holding has been placed in the middle pile. So each player usually holds 5 cards as the game progresses. The players continue with this process until all the cards get exhausted. The playing sequence is in a way that the value moves from the highest and back to the lowest.

Winning The Game

The first player to exhaust his or her cards including the 15 cards and says the word ‘SPEED’ becomes the winner in the game. This confirms that speed matters a lot in this game.

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